Freelance for students. Where to start and what to expect? Freelance is becoming an increasingly popular source of income. Freelance for students can have various goals, from the most banal – to earn extra money, to the more complex one – to get initial work experience within the chosen specialty. 

Its obvious advantages are the lack of the need to stomp every day at the office or at the factory, the ability to fully plan your schedule. Imagination easily paints us with success. And so, you are in Bali, with a laptop on your lap, lying on the beach, making money without getting up from a deck chair and sipping a cocktail. There are different resources that will help you to get involved in the world of freelance, which is Upwork, DeviantArt or other websites connected to a particular occupation.

What you should know for a beginner freelancer

  • Reputation is a very important point! Fail the first order – do not receive the following. So treat your work responsibly and they will begin to appreciate you; 
  • Getting a job at first will be difficult. In addition to you, a lot of people are registered on freelance exchanges who want to work and have already established themselves as excellent performers. Nevertheless – patience and work, friends! First patience, and then there will be labor;
  • Procrastination will have to be forgotten. Yes, no matter how sad! We know how difficult it is to part with this friend, but if you are a freelancer, she will surely and very soon pull you to the bottom;
  • Cultivate yourself. Competition is a great motivation for development. And in the field of freelance, competition is huge. You need to remind yourself more often that the world does not owe you anything, and we cost exactly as much as we can give in return;
  • No one has canceled taxes. Pay taxes and live in peace. When working as a freelancer, you have to deal with this issue yourself. Just do not forget about it;
  • Student freelance can be the beginning of his big business. The main thing is to do your own thing: 
  • Don’t count on the golden mountains right away. Rather, count on pennies immediately. Even if you are a cool specialist, no one will give you a big order overnight. We’ll have to start small, and therefore cheap. But as you fill out the portfolio, you can increase rates.

The most popular professions among freelancers

  • Copywriter is the author of advertising texts, slogans, scripts for commercials, texts for websites and landing pages. This profession requires talent, diligence and hard work, a desire to understand the intricacies of word ownership and advertising of various goods and services. This is a difficult profession, having mastered which, a person can count on consistently high earnings. Because a copywriter is a person who knows how to sell any goods and services in a word, which means making money.
  • The forum moderator is a special person who monitors compliance with the rules. It controls communication on the forum, blocks violators, and can edit messages that violate the rules. The forum administrator may have wider rights. The administrator can assign moderators to specific sections, manage their rights, change the rules of communication and much more. Often the administrator is the owner of the site.
  • The web designer creates the look of the future site. Determines where and what elements will be located, how they will be designed, how the user’s interaction with the elements of the site will be displayed on the computer screen. For example, how the button in the form changes when you hover over the cursor or the appearance of the links with the same action, how the menu collapses when you change the screen scale. Previously, web designers were tasked with “making the site beautiful.” Today it is more important for web designers to make design user-friendly. The importance of competent development of interfaces and attention to detail is growing.
  • The visualizer creates images of future objects on the basis of drawings and plans. For example, based on the drawings, the visualizer can create an image of the future interior or building, so that it is easier for the customer to present the final result of the work. The profession of visualizer is most in-demand in the fields of architecture and interior design.
  • Modern sites are controlled by programs created by web programmers. This is an interesting and very popular profession on the Internet. If you are a good specialist, you will definitely not be left without projects. To work as a web programmer, you need a good specialized education. You can try to master programming yourself, but it’s more difficult.
  • The profession of translator is an interesting work for people who like to study foreign languages and study the features and culture of other countries. A translator is a specialist who correctly and as close as possible to the original translates information from one language to another.
  • An interesting profession that requires a creative approach and analytical mindset, Marketers study markets and consumers and try to understand what goods and services will be in demand by customers. Based on these studies, new products are being developed that marketers are launching onto the markets. Marketer is one of the most important specialists in any modern business.

To be completely frank, you need to show a lot of desire and use the knowledge of reliable resources to find a decent job at home. Using the best platforms (Freelancer and Crew) in finding remote work allows you not only to choose worthy orders, but also to make sure the employer is reliable. This is very important if you do not want to waste time and work for free.

Of course, at work at home, there are many more pros and cons. By working as a freelancer, you get the freedom that is nowhere to be found. And, when we have already figured out the question of where and how to look for orders, you can finally enjoy this independence (naturally, making money along the way).