An excellent and competitive website begins at the design phase. An expertly-designed website will provide the best user experience. The website also enables you to compete effectively in SEO ranking. Hire professionals who write an essay for money to assist you in completing your assignment and submitting the best quality paper. 

A web designer beginner should understand what makes a website attractive to customers and find some inspiration on Vexels. It is the features you incorporate that will make your site competitive for SEO ranking and attractive to users. Here are some of the features you should add to your website do make it competitive. 

  • User-Friendly

A website acts as an office. The experience at the reception will determine the perception a client will have regarding your business. A user-friendly website is one whose information is easy to find. From the ‘Home’ page, it should be easy to get to all pages and corners of your website. 

The images should load fast and deliver the clearest graphics. Other elements that make a website user-friendly include the organization of your content, engagement with the content, and color choices. Visitors will always return to a website that provided an excellent user experience. 

  • Simple And Professional

The opportunity to design a website is not a chance to put all your skills into one website. All the features you know should not go into one website even though they are irrelevant. The features chosen will depend on the needs of your client. Discuss the desired features with your client before commencing the development journey. For instance, a website that is meant to provide information cannot be designed in the same way as an online store. Keep the website simple to use and professional, such that it inspires confidence in its visitors or users. 


  • Fast Loading

Loading speed plays a huge part in determining the user experience. A visitor will appreciate a website that loads in the shortest time possible because he or she can get information fast. Loading speed is determined by several factors, including the capacity of your host, the architecture of your website, and optimization for use on different devices, among other factors. 

The fundamental features of a good website have to be in synch with hosting services. A simple website will fail to load if the host has not provided the required bandwidth. You must match the bandwidth for your website with traffic needs. 

  • SEO Optimized 

Search engines will rank websites based on their architecture. SEO ranking depends on whether your website is optimized to compete effectively with others in the same category. Guide the client to optimize the website from the domain choice, titles used, subtitles, and content. 

Optimization for SEO also requires videos and images to be captioned. The descriptions provided will assist search engines in capturing the images and videos whenever a search is done. Include such links as social media linking and mobile optimization to make the website more competitive whenever an organic search is done.

  • Mobile Compatibility 

A lot of internet users are accessing websites using mobile phones and such computerized devices. The architecture of the website and features included must be compatible for use over mobile phones. Mobile compatibility requires speed and the best graphics that will enable readers to view the best details. 

Forms to be filled, images to be accessed, and links should be accessible through mobile phones. You must also consider the different technologies used by different mobile phone companies so that your coding language used will not result in errors. A website that is not compatible with mobile usage will discourage users from visiting your website. This is one of the ways to lose traffic and eventually fall below your competitors during ranking. 


  • Information Architecture 

The architecture of your information should be friendly to users. Provide platforms that enable the client to past information in a way that is easy to access without having to click on numerous links. Information architecture also means that headings can lead the user to the right pages easily. Provide a reliable information map at the front page to make it easy to get to deeper pages on your website.

  • Color Scheme 

The appearance of your website forms part of the user experience. Color is one of the main determinants of appearance. Choose a color that is consistent with your branding so that the readers are not confused. The font must also be easy to read and of a reasonable size. Do not choose contrasting colors for your website because they will turn into an eyesore for your visitors. 

In conclusion

The ultimate design for any website depends on the needs of the client. Choose features that respond to the needs of visitors interested in the products or services offered by your client. Include futuristic features that enable the client to maintain consistent branding, especially after you have upgraded your website.