When we think of magic, our first thought goes to Fantasy, a set of magic rules that are bent or fused with reality and what is” normal” by a magician’s hand to simplify life. But few times do we go beyond our limits and admit that in most instances, if not all, magic is obvious surrealism. And it’s never been more obvious than in the bewitching work of Magic Surrealist Rob Gonsalves. A toronto born artist that has been marked by his discovery of surreal art in the work of Dali and Tanguy during childhood.¬†Yet, the strongest influences visible in his art are a mix between the work of Magritte and Escher, an influence that is rather obvious in the examples below. Sure both Fantasy and Surrealism may have their own rules but in the same way, Rob Gonsalves like a true mage, bends the rules to create a fantastic realm of surreal landscapes to simplify reality into a true work of art.

Enjoy Rob Gonsalves’ Magic Surrealism:

All images remain the sole property of Rob Gonsalves. Images are shown for inspirational purposes.

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