Todays featured artist named Christian Rodriguez. An artist born on 1980, located at Montevideo, Uruguay. He started as a painting and drawing artist, 1993-1999. Then he shifted to photography. He worked also as a cameraman 2004-2005, shifting again to a newspaper,2006-2008. On his media career, he has worked on news agencies like AFP,AP and Reuters.

His work has evolved towards documentary photography, focusing his gaze on the lives of women, looking closely at  everyday stories of the characters.He is  contributor  for different magazines and his work has been exhibited in Uruguay, Mexico, Brasil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, U.S., Spain, France, Italy, UK and Cambodia.

As above gallery, all work is his sole property and only shown for illustration and inspirational purposes. Head over to his site, for more photos and more information.

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