10 of The Best Digital Artists in The World

Vectorstock brings you a compilation of 10 of the best digital artists from around the world. Masters of the digital medium, these artists from different countries and continents are an inspiration to upcoming and aspiring artists. Covering the full spectrum of human emotions, their art is sometimes whimsical, terrifying, fantastical or breathtakingly beautiful but always a work of masterful skill.
They are a class apart. Breaking conventions and norms to boldly venture into uncharted territories to blaze their trails. They have spent years perfecting their art, creating their unique styles. Here is a look at some of the best digital artists alive today.

Marco Escobedo — (Peru)

“Perceiving reality beyond our senses might seem a fantasy, however it, all fantasy is real reality somewhere, at some space in the universe”
This quote is an apt description of this artist from Peru. He flirts with both surrealism and abstract form in his artwork and yet the culmination of his artistic efforts produces a style which is contained by neither category but is uniquely his own. Marco Escobedo’s love for painting inspired him to explore graphic design and he has earned mastery of his craft,  and is well on his way to imparting his knowledge to aspiring artists.


Maciej Hajnrich – (Poland)


This artist from Poland has earned vast recognition in the realm of digital art through his distinct style. He has created commissioned artwork for the likes of Warner Brothers Music UK, ESPN The Magazine and many big and small names from entertainment and commerce.
He considers himself a Graphic illusionist and his vast portfolio of mind-blowing artwork stands testimony to this claim.

Shadow Chen – (People’s Republic of China)

This wonderful artist hails from the ancient land of China. Many of her pieces are inspired from the culture and legends of her country. An artist of the highest calibre, who imbues her art with her very essence, portraying in it her intrinsic perspective of the world around her. Her extensive body of beautiful artwork speaks volumes about her talent.
Her trademark fluidic style combined with usage of a myriad of bright colours lends an allure to her artwork that is instantly captivating.

Jason Engle – (U.S.A.)

Jason Engle is a name almost synonymous with Fantasy Art. A veteran and published artist who has been creating fantastical worlds for 14 years. There is scarcely a realm of this genre that Jason Engel has not explored. A rare artist who has let his own experience be his greatest teacher. Having created artwork for numerous role playing games and many major science fiction and fantasy publications, he seems to have reached the zenith of his career but something tells us he is not yet done.


Tiago Hoisel – (Brazil)

The quirky art of Tiago Hoisel leaves an indelible mark on the observer. One look at some of his caricatures and illustrations can induce side splitting bouts of laughter. Unconventional art imbued with the perfect amount of intelligent sarcasm, hilarity and child like wonder, immediately endears this artist to the viewer’s heart.


Justin Maller – (Australia)

An Australian who currently resides in New York, Justin Maller is as hardcore as it gets. He has recently completed a 365 day challenge producing a unique art piece every day. That feat speaks tonnes about the skill and imaginative talents of this artist. He is a prolific tweeter, Creative Director of the Depthcore Collective, and a master of abstract and 3D art in digital format. His skill and talent have landed him clients like Coca-Cola, Nike, Verizon and many more.


Alberto Seveso – (Italy)

Born in Italy, Alberto Seveso realised his propensity for art from an early age. He has come a long way from tinkering around on his personal computer in college to creating promotional artwork for celebrities and big companies. His style is unlike any other you are likely to come across. Wielding his skill with the digital format he instills a sensual chaos in an image which spellbinds the viewer.



Nik Ainley (U.K.)

Nik Ainley has been creating digital illustrations for the past 10 years. This UK based artist found his love for graphic designing in college and has never looked back. Over the years he has gathered a vast portfolio, consisting of both commissioned and personal works of art, using both 2D and 3D formats to translate his vision.

Looking at his amazing artwork, which often contains astoundingly intricate details, it is hard to believe he has had no formal training in graphic design. His efforts are propelled by his passion for his craft and this is abundantly reflected in his work.

Marek Okon – (Poland)

Marek Okon has a flair for the dramatic. Each of his digital paintings is a frozen frame of action packed drama. Whatever genre he chooses to use as the setting of a piece, whether it’s fantasy, Sci-fi or any other, he instills in it a palpable tension that evokes a delightful excitement in the viewer.
Little wonder that his talents have been employed to produce artwork for many high profile games and comics. A vast body of work with each piece imbued with that trademark element of stirring emotion is testament to his uninhibited passion for his art.


Evgeny Kiselev – (Russia)

Magnificent chaos. That is perhaps an ideal description of Evgeny Kiselev’s art. Never ending, intermingling patterns of marvellous colours. His art is mesmerising and enchanting. His artwork – vivid, diverse and scintillating, draws you in as you attempt to decipher the tangled patterns that seem to go on till infinity.
His, is a style unique and an utter delight to behold.


If you like the artists featured in this post or if inspiration has struck on seeing their work, do not be shy about letting us know. Tell us which piece appeals to you the most and why. This is above all a forum for artists to derive inspiration from!

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