2019 is the year of Digital Art, and we’re here to prove it!

Vexels brings you a compilation of the 10 Best Digital Artists from all around the world. Masters of the digital medium, these artists from different countries and continents are an inspiration to upcoming and aspiring artists. Covering the full spectrum of human emotions, their art is sometimes whimsical, terrifying, fantastical or breathtakingly beautiful but always a work of masterful skill.

They’re really something else! Breaking conventions and norms to boldly venture into uncharted territories to blaze their trails. They have spent years perfecting their art, creating their unique styles. Here is a look at some of the today’s best digital artists in the world.

Alejandro Gonzalez (Caracas, Venezuela)

Alejandro’s a graphic artist, animator and art director at WizzWear. His illustrations are a mix of urban and contemporary, inspired by street-style fashions, perfectly blending strong structured characters with crazy color palettes. Get inspired by his characters here: 

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Joey Chou (California, USA)

Joey’s an amazing illustrator who’s worked with the biggest names in the industry, including Disney, Sony Picture Animation and Dreamworks, among others. His illustration style is quite unique in the sense that it’s a whole new way of thinking the cartoon look, as he keeps things simple but incorporates intricate details at the same time. He’s inspired by the great illustrators from the 60s such as Mary Blair, Miroslav Sasek, Alice and Martin Provensen and Ezra Jack Keats. Take a look at his crazy creations here: 

Alena Tkach (Ukraine)

Alena’s a freelance illustrator who specializes in children’s books, dabbing into game art and working with top clients like Facebook. Her illustrations have an adorable youthful look, but appeal to all audiences as her lovely animals and funky characters are easy on the eye and warm to the heart. Check out her sweet designs here:

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Jeremy Hoffman (Netherlands)

Jeremy’s an illustrator who specializes in creating cool characters. His style varies from out-of-this-world loopy to intricately detailed realistic characters. He enjoys illustrating from observations in his daily life, where he manages to capture all kinds of gestures and expressions from strangers. It’s super important to take a look at the sketching process, as his digital art is a different take on what he pictures. Take a look at his sketches here:

Tasia M. S. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Tasia’s an illustrator and animation student that specializes in creating empowering female figures. She redefines femininity in her own unique way, changing up her style and going from super pastel fairy queens to urban street-style inspired girls. Check out her strong female characters here:

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Randy Bishop (Idaho, USA)

Randy’s an amazing character designer and illustrator, who specializes in storytelling. His characters have truly inspiring details, showing all kinds of gestures and emotions throughout their facial expressions, telling you a different story with every illustration. Randy has worked with huge names in the industry, including Dreamworks, Axis Animation, and more. Check out his crazy characters here:

Alex Heywood (Scotland)

Alex is a Scottish illustrator who specializes in mixing pop culture with surrealism, creating imaginative worlds where one can get lost in the intricate details. His dreamy color palettes let us travel to this vintage inspired dystopian universe filled with magical creatures. Get lost in his illustrations here:

Minna Sundberg (Sweden)

Minna’s an artist, writer and comic creator from Sweden who specializes in storytelling through cool comics inspired by Finnish mythology. Her illustrations play with light and color in a way that takes you deep into the different universes that she creates for her characters’ stories. Take a peek into their worlds here:

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Quickie-drawing that I did during my illustration livestream this Saturday: it's the new water starter pokemon Sobble! Always such fun to draw the new roster whenever a new generation of critters rolls out, just puts me in a good mood. I'll post the other two soon! 2 hours in total, drawn in Clip Studio So, what are you hoping the secondary typing of this guy's final evo will be? I'm personally hoping water/grass, there would be so many cool design directions that could go in! . . . . . . #art #artist #artwork #instaartwork #artlovers #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #myart #cuteart digitaldrawing #digitalart #illustrationartist #illustrator #illust #illustrations #illustragram #drawings #animeart #sobble #sobblegang #pokemonfanart #pokemonart #artistic #artoftheday #fanart

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Dean MacAdam (US & Sweden)

Dean’s an incredibly versatile illustrator who creates all kinds of wacky illustrations, specializing in advertising, editorial, apps, packaging and portraits. He does it all and in a unique cartoonish style that’s completely his own. You can check out his creations on cereal boxes, mobile games, magazines, and more, having worked with Burger King, Nickelodeon, National Geographic and more. Dive into his creations here:

James Gilleard (New York)

James is an illustrator and animator at Blue Sky Studios, who creates tranquile pastel worlds throughout his illustrations, using vintage inspired color palettes. His LA style skies and landscapes are beautiful in the sense that they remind us of a dreamy state we’d all love to be transported to. Travel to his peaceful worlds here:

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