What are they?

Design Requests are a unique feature given by Vexels to our subscribers.

Every Subscriber has access to a limited amount of free design requests per month, which are not cumulative.

We created design requests because we want to provide our Clients with any and all kinds of graphics and designs they might need while adding value and content to our Library.

So let’s imagine you’re looking for a graphic on our site, like a t-shirt design, and you can’t find it; just make a design request and we’ll design it for you!

Disclaimer: Design Requests are a quick solution made by professionals. As they’re quick fixes for an urgent need, the designs are made in a tight time period and the amount of detail is limited (since they are meant to give you a starting point to create your own personal design). Remember we are a stock images site, we are not specialized in making designs in the favor of one particular subscriber, we make designs that are useful for the whole community!

How can I make a Design Request?

In order to make a design request you need to go to your Profile page and click on the Design Request tab that appears on the bottom of the left sidebar menu.

Fill in the form and get your design delivered within a few days.

Becoming a Vexels member unlocks all your Design needs at once

Check Plans

How long do they take to be made?

From the moment you send your design, allow 24 hours for it to be received and processed.

After that, your request will usually take around 5 business days* to be completed, subject to demand.

Once the designs are done we’ll email you the link for you to download it.

Tip: Bear in mind that if you want a seasonal design, it’s better to request it with anticipation.

*In this 5 day period your Design Request will not only be designed by an artist, but also checked for trademarks and copyright, and later evaluated by the content team. Keep in mind that our artists are assigned many designs at a time since Design Requests are highly demanded (your Design Request will not be the only one designed by an artist in that period).

Made by our Designers

Design requests are made by our in-house team of super talented designers, illustrators and artists who are well-versed in all aspects of design, including and not limited to:

  • Digital
  • Social media
  • Clothing design: Graphic T-shirts, hats, hoodies
  • Product design:
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • UI (user interface)
  • Advertising
  • Mugs
  • KPDs (covers & interiors) (in a standard size, for 100 pages)
  • Sets (Maximum of 6 elements)

Note: We don’t do bundles as requests because they have too many elements inside (up to 50), and we don’t make mockups since they require a photoshoot session. But we will take your ideas into account for our following mockup sessions.

As well as many styles such as:

  • Watercolor
  • Flat design
  • Cartoon
  • Anime
  • Minimalist
  • Grunge
  • Abstract
  • Lettering
  • Typography
  • Retro/Vintage
  • Elegant
  • Fun & Playful
  • Geometric

As for your request, they will take inspiration on your idea and references and come up with something great, original and useful for you.

Are Designs Exclusive for me?

Will other users download my requested design?

Vexels is a graphic stock, not a Design studio, which means that sometime after you receive your request, the design will be published in our library, and other users will be able to download it.

In the T-shirt business, sometimes requests are so unique that they don’t appeal to massive audiences; moreover, the success of a product doesn’t rely only on the design but on other factors, like How you list it in terms of keywords, product type and colors, just to name a few.

In the case of logos or branding, since these are really custom or have a unique concept, it’s usually the person who made the request the only one who uses it. For this reason, logos are made with a different name but keep the text editable for the user to change later on.

How many revisions do requests have?

As a baseline, we don’t do design revisions, unless we missed a specification you initially made. If you have feedback or thoughts about it, please reach out to us via request@vexels.com.

How To Make Your Request

Do: Be Clear, simple, and specific with your request. We have no way of knowing what’s in your mind, so the clearer you are with your description the closer we’ll get to what you’re picturing. Our designers cannot start with the design if the description is too vague!. Including references to images, characters, or illustration styles are always welcome! Remember to send a single design request per form!

Your request can be rejected if it is considered disrespectful, so avoid sexually explicit, defamatory, hateful, ethnically, racially or objectionable content. It can also be rejected if the quote is trademarked, if you don’t answer our emails, or if the idea is not original: we don’t create copycats. We may use those references as an inspiration to make a Vexels’ version of it. Keep in mind that if the design you requested already exists in our site we’ll need you to suggest new details to create a different version.

Requests are not exclusive, so we won’t make content like custom brand identity or personal designs that aren’t usable for the rest of Vexels community. We won’t approve requests which don’t respect Vexels content spirit either! Vexels’ team reserves the right to reject designs if they don’t align with Vexels philosophy.

Here’s a good example:

Description: I want a Merch by Amazon design, with the text: “This is my official napping t-shirt” and an image of a cute sleeping panda

Requests like these allow us to process them straight away instead of going back and forth figuring out exactly what you need, losing time in the process.

Don’t: Submit vague descriptions, that’s not the way to go! You cannot depend 100% on the creativity of our designers.

Examples of design requests we DON’T accept

Description: Please send me a character design for adobe character animator.

Quotes and Trademarks

Trademark and copyright infringements are severely punished by any POD platform and e-commerce, so we don’t comply to any design request which includes a brand, popular character or celebrity, or any trademarked quote, phrase or expression that can get flagged.

Before submitting any kind of names, quotes or text, please first check for trademarks. Although we do check for trademarks, this is your responsibility.

You can use this resource linked below to check for trademarks worldwide:

We accept up to 10-word quotes so we can be sure the lettering will be easily readable and that there will be enough space for the design, if required. This is to make sure that our designs fit every product without losing quality. 

Inappropriate Content

We do not comply to requests if they are sexually explicit, defamatory, abusive, profane, hateful, ethnically, racially, or otherwise objectionable. Please don’t send this type of content, Vexels content is never intended to be offensive to anyone.

Exclusive Projects and Logos

We do not make specific logos for our subscribers since all the content we create goes to our library. This includes a company’s name or any type of personal info as well.

We can still make a generic logo for you, for example, a template with a text. We will later on upload it to our site and all our subscribers will have access to it. If you agree to all of this you can send your request and we’ll design it for you.

Subscriptions and Requests

Depending on your Subscription, there are different amounts of requests and different site release periods. 

Design subscribers:

  • Design Starter: 0 requests per month. 
  • Design Pro: 1 request per month, no Merch content. One week before being uploaded to the site.
  • Design Business: 4 requests per month, no Merch content. One week before being uploaded to the site.

Merch subscribers:

  • Merch: 2 requests per month, Merch content allowed. One week before being uploaded to the site.
  • Merch Plus: 4 requests per month, Merch content allowed. One week before being uploaded to the site.
  • Merch Ultimate: 8 requests per month, Merch content allowed. One month before being uploaded to the site.

Lifetime subscribers:

  • Merch Lifetime: 2 requests per month, Merch content allowed. One week before being uploaded to the site.
  • Business Lifetime: 7 requests per month, Merch content allowed. One month before being uploaded to the site.

My design was rejected by a POD

Why? And What can I do?

More often than not, what is rejected is the Product, not the design. This means that you have probably listed the product with a keyword that is either trademarked or copyrighted and this is automatically flagged by the system.

For example, let’s say your t-shirt is a toast with a brown paste on it and your listing looks like this:

You’ll probably get flagged and your design taken down.

Was it because of the design? No, it was because you wrote a trademarked term that is not allowed to be used freely.

To avoid this, remember to check for trademarks thoroughly and never ever put any kind of trademarked or copyrighted content in your product listing.

Exclusive Design Request

New option that allows you to make an exclusive design request. This request will be exclusive for you and it won’t be uploaded to the website.
This is also a good option if your request is not community useful, but you still want something specific to be approved.
To make an Exclusive Request, you have to send us an email to request@vexels.com with the subject “Exclusive Request” and send the description and references there.
  • $140.00 per exclusive request
  • Two revisions
  • Only included with the Merch Plus and Merch Ultimate plans

We hope this guide helps you make the most out of Vexels! Have you tried out our design requests?