What are Vexels Design Requests?

Design Requests are a unique feature given by Vexels to our subscribers.

Let’s imagine you’re looking for a specific graphic on our site, like a t-shirt design, and you can’t find it; just make a design request and we’ll design it for you!

Every Subscriber has access to a limited amount of free design requests per month, which are not cumulative.

You can submit up to 2 Design Requests per week!

The Design Request feature is a tool that helps you make your own ideas real, it’s not a graphic design service where we come up with a design idea based on vague pointers in your stead.

How can I make a Design Request?

In order to make a design request you need to go to your Profile page and click on the Design Request tab that appears at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.

1. Click on the button Make a Design Request.

2. Choose from our available list of products: T-shirt, Tote bag, Throw pillow, Phone case, Mug, Book cover and KDP interior pages (2 pages max)

3. Choose the number of credits you want to spend on that request.

4. Then, describe your design idea as accurately as possible. Be precise and thorough, as vague ideas will not be accepted. Clear ideas are easier and faster to get done.

This image shows a good example of what an acceptable design idea would look like.

It’s always best if you provide a visual reference of what you’re looking for.

5. Use the Upload feature to upload a file from your computer or submit a link using the Add Link Here feature.

6. Select the file format you wish to receive your design.

7. If your design idea features a quote or text, be sure to write it down. We accept quotes of up to 12 words when the design is solely text, and up to 8 words when it includes a graphic.

We always recommend you first check and double-check for trademarks or copyright. If we find your quote is trademarked or grammatically incorrect, we reserve the right to change it to another quote related to the topic with editable text for you to modify.

8. Pick one of the dozens of design styles we have available. This will help our artists make the right design for you.

9. Be sure to accept our terms and conditions and submit your design request!

Note: We don’t do bundles as requests because they have too many elements inside (up to 50), and we don’t make mockups since they require a photoshoot session. But we will take your ideas into account for our following mockup sessions.

Credit system

Each user will have a certain number of non-cumulative credits to use per month according to their plan.

The credit system works like this: 

  • Complex designs are worth 3 credits
  • Standard designs are 2 credits
  • Basic designs are 1 credit

This means that you can request more basic designs than complex ones, but if you have enough credits, you can also request many complex designs.

For example, if you have 6 credits, you can request two complex designs (worth 3 credits each) or three standard designs (worth 2 credits each) or six basic ones (worth 1 credit) in one month.

Here’s what each type of request includes:


TOTE BAGS, THROW PILLOWS, PHONE CASES, POSTERSHere are some examples from Vexels:

Basic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Advanced: 1, 2, 3, 45

BOOK COVERSHere are some examples from Vexels:

Basic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

KDP INTERIORSHere are some examples from Vexels:

Basic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Standard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

By using the credit system, we can ensure that you get the highest quality custom designs that match your needs. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of how many credits you have left each month, so you can plan your requests accordingly!

Modification of Designs: If the selected credits by the User do not align with the written description of the design request, Vexels reserves the right to modify the final design to align with the selected credits. This modification may involve adjustments to the design elements, complexity, or any other aspect deemed necessary by Vexels.

Request Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be Clear, Simple, and Specific with your request. We have no way of knowing what’s in your mind, so the clearer you are with your description the closer we’ll get to what you’re picturing.
  • Include references to images, characters, or illustration styles. These will be used as inspiration.
  • Send only one design request per form.
  • Before submitting any kind of names, quotes or text, please first check for trademarks. Although we do check for trademarks, this is your responsibility.You can use this resource linked below to check for trademarks worldwide: https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/

Example of a good design request:

Description: I want a Merch by Amazon design, with the text: “This is my official napping t-shirt” and an image of a cute sleeping panda

Don’ts – Your request won’t be approved if:

  • It’s considered disrespectful, sexually explicit, defamatory, hateful ethnically, racially, or any other objectionable content.
  • The quote is too long; we accept quotes of up to 12 words when the design is solely text, and up to 8 words when it includes a graphic.
  • The design request is too vague.
  • You don’t answer our emails.
  • The request isn’t an original take on a new or existing idea. We don’t copy designs made by other artists or companies.
  • It doesn’t align with Vexels’ values and philosophy.
  • The design is not considered community useful (designs that aren’t usable for the rest of the Vexels community. E.g. A single graphic of a dish from a specific country).

Example of a bad design request: “Please send me a character design for Adobe character animator.”

If the design you requested already exists on our site we’ll need you to suggest new details to create a different version.

Requests are not exclusive, so we won’t make content like custom brand identity or personal designs.

The final decision on whether or not to approve a design request is up to Vexels.

Become a Vexels member and unlock all your Design needs

Check Plans

How long do they take to be made?

  • From the moment you send your design, allow 1-2 weekdays for it to be received and processed.
  • After that, your request will usually take around 5 business days to be completed, subject to demand.
  • Once the design is done we’ll email you the link for you to download it.


  • If you want a seasonal design, it’s better to request it with anticipation.
  • The more details you add to your description, the closer the design will be to your expectations!

Keep in mind: Our artists are assigned multiple designs at a time since Design Requests are highly demanded (your Design Request will not be the only one designed by an artist in that period).

Design request illustration

Are Designs Exclusive to me?

“Will other users download my requested design?”

Vexels is a design platform, not a Design studio, which means that sometime after you receive your request, the design will be published in our library, and other users will be able to download it.

We recommend and encourage our users to modify our print-ready designs to make them unique.

Also, remember Design Requests are a feature to help our subscribers create a design that they can’t find on our site. This means that the created design may not always be 100% new and original; sometimes we include designs and elements already available on the site in order to craft something new and special for each customer’s needs.

How many revisions do requests have?

As a baseline, we don’t do design revisions, unless we missed a specification you initially made. If you have feedback or thoughts about it, please reach out to us via email.

Why was my Design Request rejected?

  • No response: We tried contacting you via email and you didn’t answer.
  • Inappropiate content: Your Request included content that’s sexually explicit, defamatory, abusive, racist, hateful, or objectionable in any way.
  • Copyright/Trademark infringement: You’ve requested a design that violates copyright or trademark. Both are severely punished by any POD platform and e-commerce, so we don’t comply with any design request which includes a brand, popular character or celebrity, or any trademarked quote, phrase or expression that can get flagged.
  • It’s not community useful: we don’t do exclusive content like custom brand identity, personal designs or designs that aren’t usable for the rest of the Vexels community. This includes a company’s name, any type of personal information or graphics that aren’t popular within our subscribers.
  • More than one design per request: Remember you can only submit one design per request. If you have more than one to submit, you must submit them separately in different forms.
  • Product not accepted by Request: The product you requested isn’t included within the products available for Design Requests (e.g. Mockups).
  • Request doesn’t match credits: The design you requested doesn’t match the number of credits you selected. For example, you submitted a very complex design but chose the BASIC 1 credit option.

If the design you requested already exists on our site we’ll need you to suggest new details to create a different version.

Exclusive Design Request

This feature allows members to purchase an exclusive design request that will not be uploaded to the site.

This is also a good option if your request is not useful for the community, but you still want a specific design made by us.

To make an Exclusive Request, you have to send us an email to request@vexels.com with the subject “Exclusive Request” and send the description and references there.

  • Cost: $140.00 per exclusive request
  • Two revisions

We hope this guide helps you make the most out of Vexels! Have you tried out our design requests?