Aini Tolonin might as well be the poster child for the phrase – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Her art, which constitutes photographs of rusting metals, decaying wood and dilapidating paint, is as beautiful as it is baffling. To be able to recognize patterns on the surface of random inanimate objects and capture them in such exquisite manner so as to portray their subtle beauty is truly the mark of a genius. Her perspective transforms the mundane ravages of nature on otherwise irrelevant objects into such expressions of ideas and emotions that it is well worthy of the title of Fine Art.  This artist from Finland opens the eyes of the viewer to a world of ignored and abandoned objects which contain within them such wonderful beauty as to rival paintings.

Apart from the especially unorthodox form of the subject of this photographer, another aspect of her art also appealed to us – the way in which these formations and patterns are left open to interpretation by the artist. It is a delightful exercise of the imaginative faculties of the mind in trying to determine what it is that you see in one of her photographs. It is a small adventure in and of itself. Go through some of her images and you will find out what we are talking about.




For more on Aini Tolonen visit her profile.


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