Art is emotion given form. Through art artists often delve into the darker realms of the human soul. But it is also necessary to remember the sunny side of life. We have come across one artist whose art reminds us of the sunny side of life. One look at his paintings and one is immediately flooded with memories of beautifully warm summer days and the smell of sun baked earth and green grass.

‘Warm and Poetic’ – that is how French artist Gerard Mursic’s Paintings are describes his work. His intuitive style and his unique blend of creativity, makes for such exquisite art, that it instantly captures the heart.

His paintings hold that indispensible ingredient that makes all art great. Love. And they spread that emotion. Love and warmth.  Art has countless forms, but seldom do we come across art that lifts your spirits in exchange for one glance. Gerard’s Paintings are surely among such art. Have a look and see for yourself.



To know more about Gerard Mursic visit his website.



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