Out of the war torn country of Iraq has emerged an artist who has synthesized the strife surrounding him into hauntingly beautiful expressions in the art form. Zewar Fadhil gives us an abstract glimpse of the tortured reality and that is a mundane matter in his homeland.

These grainy black and white images offer us a window to peek through at a world saturated in despair. The world that inhabits his imagination. It is apparent that he derives much emotional inspiration from the conflict all around him.

A conflict that is mirrored in his own self and is beautifully captured by his lens and portrayed in his photographs. The artist does have a particular fascination with the flight of birds and uses it in a number of his images. Perhaps, to depict the fleeting potential of freedom and the concrete reality of captivity.  We can only guess at the answer.

We are, however, truly spellbound by his collection of work. It reaches out to that corner of each soul where sadness dwells and its effect lingers with you. Mr. Fadhil’s work is a feat of commendable talent.




For more on Zewar Fadhil visit his website.




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