Black Friday is without a doubt the hottest shopping season of the year. It’s not only a coincidence of low prices and holiday spirit, but also a product of tremendous marketing efforts poised to push products and services onto customers.

And everyone is doing it, all at the same time.

Standing out among the flurry of “Black Friday Deal” posts, images and banners is a hurdle that can be easily overcome with the right approach.

In this post we will give you 5 tips to help you jump over such hurdle and take your business to higher levels this season:

  • Plan and Schedule your Social Media in advance

Most businesses start their Black Friday marketing early in November, and so should you.

In today’s day and age it’s all about building and nurturing a community, and if you’re giving them the best offer of the year, you are better off having good conversations in your Social channels while preparing a battery of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest posts, all which have different needs and requirements.

How to do it: the easiest ways to get social media materials right now is either Canva or downloading social media design templates like posts for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram stories, you get the picture. If you want some extra control and editing power, try downloading editable Social Media templates to make your communication extra unique.

  • Establish a feeling of urgency

While it’s a given that Black Friday is just one day (duh), fewer than most take the opportunity to press on customers with a sense of urgency. By ‘urgency’ we mean inserting keywords that sink deep in clients’ minds and nudge them a bit more towards their need to get what you’re offering.

Here are some of such keywords for you to use freely:

– Limited-time Offer

– Shop Now

– Today Only

– Only Today

– Don’t miss out on

– Save Today

– Hurry up

– Once in a Lifetime

  • Use ‘the Holidays’ as an Emotional leverage

With Thanksgiving being a time of family, love and sharing, and being the first big Family Holiday, it’s no wonder people are more sensitive and emotional in the middle of the shopping spree. You should leverage this to your advantage, by suggesting how your product, service or business is good for them, but more importantly, for their family and loved ones. This is especially true for Merch businesses like t-shirt stores and gift shops since well, gifts, but this concept can seamlessly be applied to other business models. 

Do some business soul-searching and dig out your customer’s emotional needs so you can get to them faster.

  • Make it Personal

A good way to stand out in the barrage of offers thrown at customers is to make it as special and as personal as possible to the target in question. The more specific and custom you are to your customers, the more they will feel compelled to engage with your offer. As examples, think about dads who have only daughters, dog moms, people on a special diet (Keto, low-carb, paleo)… you get the idea. 

  • Advertise like a Pro

Gone are the days where slapping “BLACK FRIDAY” on a black background does the trick.

Audiences have refined up to a point where they’re sensible to good, compelling design, and with Black Friday being such a fleeting and intense holiday, it becomes relevant to advertise using good quality design.

While it’s key to have an attractive website made with a good quality template, it’s as equally as important to have good quality marketing pieces that bring customers to the aforementioned website.

We covered Social Media earlier, but it’s equally important to have a set of marketing design templates to really bring life to your services and products.

A few examples you can use digitally as well as physically are posters, flyers and web sliders, some of which you can find here.

With so many different business types out there, some of these tips may not be as fitting as other methods, but surely some will.

Dare to succeed this season!