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A new powerful tool for Merchers, the Vexels T-shirt Maker is an Online Graphic Editor where you can easily create your own original t-shirts using Vexels vector graphics. The days of "duplicate designs" are finally over!

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Can't find what you're looking for in our library? Got a super-niche idea design you'd like to see live? We'll make it for you! Subscribers to Merch and Business plans get 3-5 design requests per month, no extra costs per design, all Free!

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A handy tool for Merchers, our Vexels Merch Digest is a monthly newsletter sent to our Merch and Business subscribers that provides them with tips, keywords, trends, research and other resources to improve their Merch experience and success.

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Merch Ready Design Vectors for PODs

If you're looking for Graphic T-shirt designs for Men and Women, Vexels has got you covered, with a selection of over 9,000 vector t-shirt designs to choose from!

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What licenses do I need if I want to sell Merch with your graphics?

To sell t-shirts, mugs, and other Merchandise items, you need to have graphics with Merch license. To get them, you can subscribe for a Merch or Business plan for full access with Merch licenses or purchase a Single Extended License if you're going with single graphics.

What kind of Merch plans do you have?

We have a Monthly recurring plan and a Yearly plan (recurring annual payment).

Can I use your T-shirt Designs to sell online and physical stores?

Yes! You can use our print-ready t-shirt designs to sell your merch on online stores and marketplaces like Shopify and Etsy and print-on-demand services like Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, Printful, Teespring, Zazzle and others. You can even sell on a physical store if you wish. The eligibility of the designs is up to each platform's Terms, Conditions and Policies.

How many graphics can I download per month?

Merch subscribers get 30 downloads/day and 200 downloads/month. Business subscribers get 200 downloads/day and 2000 downloads/month.

Do I only have access to t-shirt graphics?

As a subscriber you get access to ALL our stock, not just the t-shirt designs. This means you have unlimited potential to make any t-shirt design you want, given that you have the design skills. You can make truly unique designs with our elements and graphic resources!

What do you mean by "Design Requests"?

Merch users get 3 design requests per month, free of charge. If there is a graphic you can't find or if you have an original idea, we may comply to design it, by understanding the following: 1) the idea/design must fit our internal criteria; 2) the design will not be exclusive just for you, and 3) the design will later be added to our stock. While the final design will be published to our stock, it won't be published in the front page necessarily and there's no guarantee if the graphic will end up being downloaded by other users. The major upside of this is that the graphics are free of charge.

Are the designs print-ready?

Our t-shirt designs are; they have an .AI file and a print-ready PNG file sized 4500x5400 px ready for Merch by Amazon.

How many times can I sell my products?

You can sell up to 1000 items per each design. If you manage to sell 1000 items of one design: 1) congratulations! You've hit a winner; 2) we ask you to renew the graphic's license by re-purchasing it, this time with a lifetime value.

Are your designs trademark/copyright safe?

We do our best to keep a close eye on trademarks and copyrights when we create the designs, but ultimately it all depends on each country's legislation and trademark registration system. We encourage you to always check for trademarks and copyright yourself before uploading any graphics. If a design happens to be trademarked, please let us know and we'll edit it to make it legal.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You renounce the right to sell products with our designs, and you must take down the products you're selling with our designs. If you're making sales, you can and should keep your subscription active!

What's your refund policy?

To be eligible for a refund, you must cancel your subscription within the first 15 days of your plan's purchase AND have downloaded less than 30 graphics.

Do you take down the designs after I purchase them?

No, all designs remain published in our platform; you don't purchase the Design itself, you purchase the right to make money with that graphic in the form of Merchandise/apparel.

Can I get in trouble with Amazon if another person has the same design that I do?

According to Merch by Amazon's Content Policy: "Designs with the same idea/concept are allowed; the artwork itself, however cannot be copied without the owner’s permission." You are not copying the design from anyone else, you are getting it from us, and we happily give you the right to sell with our designs.

How can I differentiate from other users?

Our Merch subscription gives you access to ALL our stock, not just our print-ready t-shirt designs, which means you can get creative and either make your own designs or give graphic assets to a designer of your liking and get them to design what you want. Also, Merch and Business subscribers get 3 and 5 design requests per month, where they can ask for a graphic and we'll design it for them (check the FAQ regarding Design Requests); finally, the t-shirt design files include a fully-editable .AI file that can be edited as you please.

How do I edit a graphic?

You can use Adobe Illustrator (paid option) or Inkscape (open source option).

Can I keep using the graphics if I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can! But you cannot use the graphics to sell t-shirts with; however, you can use them for other commercial uses like publications and social media posts for example.

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