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Our Online T-Shirt Maker is a powerful Tool to create original designs you won't find anywhere else, just for you. Simple, easy to use and powered with our ever-growing Library of print ready graphics. What else do you need?

  • Merch Licenses for Created Graphics
  • Exclusive Downloads. Your Design is yours and yours only
  • Over 50,000 Premium SVG-PNGs to use, plus any graphic you'd like to upload
  • Add Text Shapes or use our Text Badges

How To Use

  • Search or select the graphics you want
  • Edit the design as you please
  • Add & Edit Text Shapes or Text Badges
  • Download fresh Print-ready PNG

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You've got questions. We've got answers!

  • What is the T-Shirt Maker?
  • Our T-Shirt Maker is an online platform where users can create custom T-Shirt designs for their online T-Shirt company, using a library of over 50k Transparent PNG Graphics made by professional designers.

  • Why use our T-Shirt Maker?
  • Apart from being SUPER easy to use, you'll be able to create unique designs to stand out from all other T-Shirt sellers. Also, no need to have any kind of design skills or prior knowledge, simple drag and drop graphics and text to create a finished T-Shirt design that'll be available ONLY to you.

  • How do I use it?
  • That depends on the final design you have in mind! The basics would be to search for your desired graphic element, add some text (using the Add Text, Text Shape or Text Badge option), and finish it up choosing a nice background and T-Shirt mockup to present your design professionally.

  • How can I edit graphics?
  • Once you've chosen the graphic element you want on your T-Shirt, simple click on the color wheel in the Graphics Menu. Choose the colors you'd like to change, and click on Apply.

  • How do I add text?
  • In the Text menu, you'll have tons of different text options that'll all have editable fonts, colors, sizes, text layout and more. You can choose from Simple texts, Text Shapes with effects, or a pre-made Text Badge. Please make sure to never use trademarked quotes or brand names if you plan on selling the t-shirt!

  • What kind of file format do I download?
  • You'll download a Designs & a Licenses folder. As for the designs, you'll receive an editable SVG, a transparent PNG and a JPG with the Design Mockup for your online store. You'll also get the PDF Licenses for the designs included in your final product.

  • What rights do I have over the T-Shirt design?
  • By subscribing to our Merch or Business Subscriptions, you'll have the right to sell products featuring our designs, including the ones you've made with our T-Shirt Maker. You'll get a Merchandise Use PDF License included within every download.

  • Do I need to pay to use it?
  • In order to access the T-Shirt Maker, you'll need to be a Merch or Business subscriber.

  • Can I use my T-Shirt Design to sell in online and physical stores?
  • Yes! You can use our print-ready t-shirt designs to sell your merch on online stores and marketplaces like Shopify and Etsy and print-on-demand services like Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, Printful, Teespring, Zazzle and others. You can even sell on a physical store if you wish.

  • Will my design be print-ready?
  • T-shirt designs are ready for Print and Merch; our files include a print-ready PNG file sized 4500x5400 px ready for Merch by Amazon.

  • Are your designs trademark/copyright safe?
  • We do our best to keep a close eye on trademarks and copyrights when we create the designs, but ultimately it all depends on each country's legislation and trademark registration system. We encourage you to always check for trademarks and copyright yourself before uploading any graphics. If a design happens to be trademarked, please let us know and we'll edit it to make it legal. Check for trademarks in US here.

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