It’s no novelty that millions and even billions of people use the Internet to meet different needs. It is a great opportunity for small and big businesses to increase their audiences and so, their income. They advertise their products/services via the Internet in various ways. Some of them create advertisements on their own, but those who do not have enough skills, turn to companies like for help with web content. When an online user sees the advertisement about something he/she needs, he/she goes to the link. What comes next? A user comes to a website that sells a certain kind of products or services. It’s a crucial moment and a website owner has only a few seconds to interest the user. This can be done with the help of proper appearance.

It is true that most people use their eyes first and afterward, think about the offer. Some catchy and vivid themes and images, unique fonts, and readable letters are very effective. You should use the power of visualization fully. Graphics means a lot and we wish to clarify why. Make allowances for the following points:

  • It makes your brand memorable. When a website owner uses vivid and impressive logos and slogans on them, people automatically memorize them. You definitely remember McDonald’s or Google. Thanks to the memorable visualizations, they are known by billions of people throughout the globe.
  • It attracts clients. If you play with colors, fonts, and templates you will attract thousands of clients. People use their sight first and if they like what they see, they begin to read the offer. At times, people buy things they thought they didn’t need.
  • It delivers the message. A properly planned text in the pictures plays an important role. A user understands the main message of the company after simply looking at the image. For example, “The Most Effective Software for Your Website”. You instantly understand that this company sells software to support and develop websites. Visuals can tell a story better than any text.
  • It makes the images shareable. Many entrepreneurs use social media to advertise their products. Online users are more likely to share posts that contain beautiful and original images.

As you can see, these points are really important. You should definitely undertake proper measures to make the outlook of your website pleasant to the eye.

Developing a Strong Design

There are several points you should undertake to create a great design. Consider the next tips:

  • Consistency of colors
  • Pairings of fonts
  • Proper imagery and filters
  • Social media templates
  • Add watermarks
  • Let the pictures talk

Consistency of colors

First of all, you should use a consistent color palette. Colors play an important role because they directly affect the perception of people. They provoke various feelings and associations. It is important because you can convince somebody to buy your product/service. Some folks may not even realize that. Besides, people simply want to see harmony when the content is reflected in images and colors.

Many psychologists use color therapy to treat their patients and enjoy great success. Memorize what every color symbolizes:

  • Green – nature, healing
  • Blue – technology, trust
  • Pink – romance, happiness
  • Yellow – cheer, optimism
  • Orange – active, energy
  • Red – passion, excitement
  • Black – sophistication, luxury
  • Violet – creativity, individuality

You’re free to use other colors and their mixes. Learn their meaning and effects and use them to reach a certain result.

Pairings of fonts

It’s recommended using pairs or even trios of fonts. They express the personality of the brand. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose between simplicity and elegance, energy and patience, etc. So, why shouldn’t we combine them somehow? One of the most effective ways is to use different fonts that will be seen throughout the content.

You can use a certain font for the heading, another one for subtitles, and one more for the body text. Each is different but delivers a clear message and sets the necessary tone. The whole content will really look individually and thus, originally.

Font Hierarchy

Proper imagery and filters

It’s necessary to use imagery with a consistent theme. You should think about a logo and symbol that would fully reflect your brand. It’s possible to find free stock photos or use your own to save money. Use proper filters for the photos to add consistency. They are commonly used by people who like to spend time on social media. If you use interesting filters, they will seem more appealing to such users.

Social media templates

As most brands promote themselves through social media, you should consider this point too. Use adequate templates to speed up the process of designing. When you post your blogs on social media, you should use a certain template. It’s important to use vivid and original templates. Thus, you’ll make them more captivating to catch the eye of potential clients. Use various templates for various social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Mind that you should take into account the dimension because every social media has its own restrictions. Use adequate fonts and margins, the size and resolution of the images.

Add watermarks

The use of watermarks is another feature you are supposed to use. They should be implemented consistently as well. Consistency, as you have already understood, is one of the keys to the successful creation of a strong design.

Create your own icons and images. Consider their sizes and placement on the pictures. Some symbols and scripts should appear in the top corner and some in the middle. Everything depends on your goal and the kind of visualization. Afterward, add a watermark. It is important because people will instantly recognize your brand. Moreover, other companies will have no right to use it because it’ll be plagiarism. As you add the watermark, leave some space between it and the logo. Otherwise, it’ll be unattractive.

Brand Image

Let the pictures talk

Make your images talk for your brand. Approximately 90% of the information our brain receives through our eyes. Appeal to this sense because you can easily transmit the necessary message via an image. Pay more attention to the colors and backgrounds.