As the artist say on her site;

My technique has evolved as a way to capture the liquid and fluid nature of light, and I am drawn to materials that 
enhance and illuminate: pearly paua shell, metal leaf, holographic paper, crystalline mineral salts, beeswax, resin. 
By building up layers of materials from the opaque to translucent to transparent, then using a flame to burn away 
portions, I create depth and texture. Exposing elements that are underneath holds a hint of mystery that’s akin to 
uncovering buried treasure. Introducing dimension as a factor, I can express not only surface texture and depth, but 
different perspectives; the highs and lows offering yet another way to play with and capture light.

As such said, really this way of hers to create stunning artworks, is not just unique. It is really tedious and labor intensive. As you look at the video from above, her technique is a multistep process, intricately making details along the process. By the looks of the method, it might be time consuming, for as we see it, each step is done on a slow but targeted pace. Also, taking the steps necessary into account, a slight “mistake” makes another, rather than the desired output.

To further show you guys what the artist have one, browse through this gallery below. Surely, we can find interest overall, or have an inspiration on your own.

Great works of art. Dont you agree that it is with the person’s different perceptions, makes a “unique” artwork.
Her works were featured also on some publications.
There you have it. We hope we have given you another inspiration for you and your next design,art and projects.
All images, video and “caption”, remains the intellectual property of Sylvia Hommert.

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