Body painting is one of the growing, if not famous forms of art, though it has been around long enough. It involves painting an image or be a part of a whole image, using not canvass or any other medium, but rather a human body.


Painting bodies, require special paint, so not to induce any harm or ill effects on the “canvass”. Also being an artist, it should require high skills, and great keen of creativity, because every body painted may or could be different. Every persons body structure is different from another, so body painting is not just like any other painting. Add the fact that a person is a person, which moves,breathes which is living, so using this as a canvass is so overwhelming.


This artist, named Craig Tracy, is one of them body painters. he makes sure most of the time, no body is used twice, except for certain reason. He makes the painting on his own, with the idea in mind, and selecting the perfect model on which to paint it on. Afterwards, a photo is shot, not just to capture the moment, but rather add to another work of art seamlessly.

Interesting isnt it, or rather confusing?? Well, if any of them applies, See his gallery below to witness it, and be amazed.


Unbelievable isnt it?


Well, Watch the following videos and see how its made, see the artist in action



There you have it!

A great collection of a great body paint artist. Hope you have picked an inspiration or two.

All photos and videos are the sole property of the artist.

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