Scientists believe that only one in 5 million children turns out to be a prodigy. Well if that’s the case, these five artists sure are extraordinary.
Showing immense talent and skill from an early age these art virtuosos have made their mark on the world. And all that before the beginning of their teenage.
At an age when most of humans are learning to walk and talk, these wonders of nature were teaching themselves to paint and draw. The sheer magnitude of their raw talent and the scale of their accomplishments could easily make them the envy of many professional artists.

Here is a look at some of the most naturally gifted and talented painters of our time who have achieved great success even before going through puberty.

Akiane Kramarik

At the age of 4, when most of us were learning to understand the nuances of human speech, Akiane Kamarik was drawing her first sketches. By age 6 she had graduated to paintings.
At 8 years, inspired by her spiritual visions of heaven, she painted her rendition of Jesus Christ titled “Prince of Peace”.
Fame and renown followed and she was recognised the world over as an art prodigy.
She is deeply inspired by the teachings of Christianity and was even featured in the 2014 Hollywood Movie ‘Heaven is Real’.
As an artist she has grown and excelled as the years passed and at 20 years of age is now an acclaimed and skilled artist with a worldwide reputation.

Kieron Williamson

This 12 year old art prodigy from England could easily be the envy of many struggling professional artists. Kieron started painting after a family vacation in the countryside. The beautiful landscape before him inspired him to try and capture its majesty on canvas.
From that point on, it was as if a spark was ignited in his young mind. He worked tirelessly to improve upon his natural talent and his skills grew exponentially.
In 2009, at only the second exhibition ever of his work, every one of his 16 paintings sold out in a mere 14 minutes for more than £ 18,000. He was 7 years old at the time. By his third exhibition people from as far as New York and South Africa were coming to view and buy his work.
Kieron soon became a phenomenon in the art world. Before he became a teenager the young maestro’s earnings from art sales amounted to almost £2 million.

Josh Tiessen

This Canadian youngster started painting at the age of 10. He has since displayed his paintings at 40 art exhibitions over a course of 8 years.
His artistic style is referred to as “high realism” and his paintings depict the sublime beauty and diversity of creation.
His most common subjects remain wildlife and nature and he is currently ranked among foremost realist artists in the world.
He has been featured in many magazines and TV shows and is frequently invited to art events to give lectures and teach his style and perspective of art.
He is currently helping a Professor of Psychology from Ohio State University to better understand how the minds of child prodigies work, taking his contributions from just art to science as well.


Autumn de Forest

This young resident of Nevada has been called “an artistic genius” at the age of eight years old by the Discovery Channel. Yes, the Discovery Channel.
Art is in her genes. She comes from a long line of accomplished artists who date back to the 19 century. Naturally she was exposed to an artistic environment from an early age. At age 5 she began experimenting with a paintbrush.
Her parents recognised that her talent and affinity for art far surpassed her age.
Their encouragement and her natural talent culminated in an art exhibition of her work at the 2009 Boulder City Fine Arts Festival.
She was 7 years old at the time. Appreciation from art admirers further prompted her to create and display more of her art and at age 8 her paintings fetched a whooping $100,000 within 16 minutes at an art auction.
Time inc. in one of its publications called Autumn de Forest a modern master. She derives her inspiration from her dreams, the things she witnesses in her everyday life and the works of old masters like Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Henri Matisse.


Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra Nechita’s family had to escape from Communist Romania less than two years after her birth. They settled in California and it was here that Alexandra found her love for art at an incredibly early age.
At 2 years old she was working with pen and ink, by age 5 she moved on to watercolors and at 7 years she started working with oil and acrylics.
She had her first solo exhibition at age eight and soon became phenomenon in the art world. Shortly after she appeared in the Oprah Winfrey Show and overnight became a celebrity.
In November 1999, Alexandra was selected by the World Federation of United Nations Associations to lead a Global Arts Initiative involving more than 100 nations. Since then she has been involved in numerous international art projects.
Now in her late twenties, Alexandra continues to create amazing artworks.

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