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Hey! Rio 2016 Olympic Games are almost here! In VectorOpenStock we're already playing around preparing Rio 2016 graphic vectors. Whether you're running a sports website, looking for good designs to support your county in the Olympics, or just want to keep your site updated with the latest worldwide events, here you'll find cool and useful resources to enhance your designs. Just click on the image and it will take you to the free download page. Take a look!

Logos and symbols

Rio 2016 Olympics official background

Rio 2016 banner

Rio 2016 origami poster

Rio 2016 advertising poster

 Colorful abstract Olympics Rio 2016 background

bright-rio-2016-banner rio-2016-medals rio-2016-wave-banner

Rio 2016 logo and background

Rio 2016 - Olympic rings on backgrounds

Rio 2016 - 3 medals design


Set of olympic rings - several motifs

    Rio 2016 - Olympic rings and Brazilian flags

 Rio 2016 Olympics logo on top

 Rio 2016 - Olympic Rings flag

Rio 2016 over Brazil flag



Olympics Rio 2016 - Olive rings

Rio 2016 olympic games - Redeemer Christ

Sports silhouettes

Rio 2016 long jump banner

Olympics Rio 2016 - Marathon

Olympics Rio 2016 - Weightlifting design

Rio 2016 - Ahtletics 100m

Olympics Rio 2016-Fencing

Olympics Rio 2016-Soccer

Icons and elements

  Rio 2016 element set

 Rio 2016 Olympic Games infographic

Rio 2016 vector icons pictograms

Olympic Sports Icons


Rio 2016 fencing banner rio-2016-swimming-banner golf-pictogram-banner rio-2016-rowing-poster rio-2016-boxing-poster rio-2016-trampoline-gymnastics rio-2016-bmx-cycling-poster Rio 2016 beach volleyball banner rio-2016-marathon-swimming-poster rio-2016-rhythmic-gymnastics-poster rio-2016-artistic-gymnastics-banner rio-2016-table-tennis-banner rio-2016-weightlifting-banner rio-2016-diving-banner rio-2016-handball-poster rio-2016-synchronised-swimming-poster rio-2016-volleyball-banner rio-2016-shooting-design rio-2016-mountain-bike-banner rio-2016-basketball-banner Rio 2016 rugby banner rio-2016-badminton-banner rio-2016-sailing-banner rio-2016-tennis-poster rio-2016-road-cycling-poster  

Olympic Games 2016 sport cardsRio 2016 banners setOlympic sports headers

Backgrounds and patterns

Tileable sport colorful wallpaper  Olympic rings pattern Sports colorful background over black  Tileable Olympic symbol texture

Medal tables

Olympic medal table graphic               Tabla de medallero olímpico

 Rio's Skylines and Features

Olympics 2016-Rio de Janeiro Skyline

 Rio 2016 Olympic games landscape

Copacabana beach floor pattern                                           Olympics Rio 2016 landmarks background  

We hope you found good sources to make your Olympic fan spirit grow! We create vector graphics for you, your part in these deal is to give attribution to VectorOpenStock. Thanks!

Enjoy Olympics 2016!

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