The female warrior has always been an outlier through the annals of history even though fierce warrior women like Boudica and Joan of Arc have immortalised their names through their ferocious deeds. The world has changed tremendously since their times but the Warrior Woman still remains an outlier in most of the world.


      It is natural that this concept has been explored by the artists whose job it is to materialise their thoughts into illustrations. To make fleeting concepts tangible though their art so that others may marvel at their beauty.


      Here is a compilation of beautiful illustrations by various artists to marvel at. They portray the often overlooked aspect of women – The ferocity of their spirit which they can conjure up when required and like the legendary Amazons prove a formidable opponent to the strongest army.


    A simple tribute to the potential that lies within each women, however gentle and timid, to transform into a fearsome warrior.

Marta Nael

Jee Hyung Lee


Phroilan Gardner/a>


Daniel Vendrell Oduber


Nacho Malina

Wang Ling

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