Sculptures have been an indispensable medium of artistic expression since ancient times. But we have come a long way since Michelangelo’s David.
Here is a look at the master sculptures of modern times.

Damien Ortega

This master sculptor from Mexico has been the architect of many world renowned sculptures.

His unique style of painstakingly displaying mundane objects in a manner so as to manipulate perception. His method has been described as characteristically “mischievous process of transformation and dysfunction”.

His sculptures offer a subtle commentary on the consumerism that has engulfed our society.

Every choice in his sculptures is deliberate. From the Volkswagen Beetle he used for his famous piece “Cosmic Thing” to the myriad of hardware tools used in another of his remarkable sculptures.

A modern sculptor for the modern times.


David Mach

A true artist is only ever limited by his imagination and not by the materials at hand. Case in point – David Mach.

This master sculptor uses items such as newspapers, car tyres, match sticks and coat hangers to create these incredible works of art. The level of skill and determination required to give concrete form to his artistic vision is mind boggling.

But to say that David Mach’s sculpture are astounding is to state the obvious. The truly remarkable facet of his work, however is the patient perseverance that is the essential component of each of his works.

These amazing and magnificent sculptures are indeed masterworks of the modern times.


Anthony Gormley

A veteran British Sculptor, Antony Gormley is the creator of many famous sculptures all over the world. His work has been focused on the human body and its infinite interpretations.

His work attempts to treat the body not as an object but a place and in making works that enclose the space of a particular body to identify a condition common to all human beings.

One of his most famous installation works “Event Horizon” features solitary figures placed atop the building of major cities to reflect the solitude of an individual even as he exists in a mass of people.

The depth of emotion evoked by his sculptures permeates the soul of the viewer and induces reflections about the human condition. Few contemporary artists can lay claim to having achieved such reaction to their art.


Makoto Tojiki

Japanese Sculptor Makoto Tojiki’s uses light itself as the building block of his sculptures. His style, unique and one of a kind, consists of using carefully arranged to form beautiful and breathtaking works of art.

As much as he employes the magic of light as his medium of expression, he is also a master at understanding the role perception plays in art, especially in sculptures.

His belief that the apparent change in an object stems not from its own alteration but from the change in the viewer’s perspective has allowed him to imbue his works with a charming aura that attempts to stimulate the perception with which people view his art.






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