To say that the photography of Jee Young Lee is one of a kind would be an understatement. This Korean artist is the subject of much praise from awestruck art enthusiasts all over  the world. What makes her photographs unique is the amazing and elaborate settings she orchestrates to create them.

At first glance any one of her photographs might appear to be a digitally manipulated rendition of some fantastical idea. But a closer look will reveal that every one of her photographs has been staged in her little studio and everything you see in the frame has been painstakingly made from scratch and placed in its right place.

These elaborate set ups that culminate in the fateful flash of the camera to produce that perfect frame which is the embodiment of the artist’s vision, take substantial man hours and tireless dedication to create. The physical manifestation of an artist’s imagination has seldom been rendered alive so vividly.

An artist beyond par, who has been making waves in the art community the world over, Jee Young Lee seems destined for great things.



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