How cool would you have to be if chasing storms was your hobby? Pretty freaking cool is our guess! Such is the life of Mr. Evan Ludes hailing from the American Midwest. His passion for capturing the fury of nature in film is what makes this young Photographer deserving of a post in our blog.

Nature in all its forms is undoubtedly beautiful. But it takes a unique perspective to stand and gaze at the beauty hidden in a storm when most people are looking for cover. Mr. Ludes possesses said perspective and it is through his eyes that this breathtaking aspect of natural fury is revealed to us. The formation of storm clouds into mesmerizing patterns, and the handiwork of the god of thunder and lightening over the canvas of the night sky are just a few of the amazing images captured by Mr. Ludes camera.  We have observed in our earlier posts related to nature photography, that it demands a patient disposition and no short amount of luck. Evidence suggests that this young artist possesses these in equal measure. It is due to enthusiasts like him that some truly rare aspects of nature’s  beauty are made available to witness for the rest of us. We applaud his talent and effort and commend him on his work.



For more on Mr. Evan Ludes visit his site.




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