We’ve recently launched our new Vexels Merch Stores, where for the low price of $14 per month, you can request a custom built Merch store made by us, featuring your ideas and designs

We’ve made it super simple to set up, so you can focus on the most important part: selling your merch! 

Here’s a quick step by step tutorial on how to set up your store with Vexels. 

Add Store Info

To start setting up your store, you’ll need to come up with a creative store name, domain and a description. If you’re a little lost here, don’t worry, we’ll make sure to include some tips to help you out.

Define your Store Brand

The last step to setting up your store information is setting up your Merch brand. You can do this by clicking on the logo placeholder and uploading your Merch logo, along with the Brand colors that’ll be seen across your Merch store. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can create one easily using our Logo Maker.

Create Merch Products

Now you can go ahead and start adding the Merch Products you’re going to be selling on your store. In the Create Products section of the Stores Dashboard, you’ll find a list of Merch Items from our partner: Printful. They will take care of the actual production, shipping and handling of all Merch items sold on your store.

Set Up Item Info & Prices

Set up the Item Name and Description, along with the Royalty %. Now, don’t go crazy and try to sell a mug for $50 bucks. Be realistic with prices and keep in mind that these exclude Shipping and Taxes that your customer will have to pay. Investigate the market for your item. Browse the internet to find examples of what other people are selling similar items for, and decide on a competitive price.

Edit Products

Once you’re done setting up your item, you can edit some of its details on the My Products section, where you’ll be able to check out all the products you’ve added to your store. Our Stores team will have to review each item you try to add to your store, so you’ll be able to check if your items are Active or being reviewed here.

Wait for Approval

Once you’ve requested your store, our Stores team will review your application and set everything up for you within 24 hours, guaranteed!

Start Selling

Now, it’s time to sell! Create socials for your new merch brand, spread the word and market your products as you wish. Get creative and tackle the market to start earning.

Review Sales

Once you’ve made your first sale, you’ll find a detailed list of all purchases made on the Sales tab of your Stores profile.

Receive Monthly Payments

To start receiving your monthly payments, you’ll need to add your PayPal email, so we can send over your part of the revenue made on merch purchases. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create one easily in just a few minutes on their website.

And that’s it! You’ve got your Vexels Store set up and running. 

Don’t forget to leave your feedback, so we can make these the best possible stores for you!

If you’re on our waiting list, don’t worry! You’ll get the chance to create your best selling Merch Store with Vexels soon 🙂