Let’s be honest, life isn’t all fun and games. It takes a warrior’s heart to live in today’s world. Which is why we are here day by day, bringing inspiration to artist’s around the world. Most artists show great resilience during tough moments in life. Using art, artist´s release pressure and can observe situations or emotions and get a better understanding of them, while dealing with their feelings, wrestling them down to manageable sizes. Art is a tool that is important in surviving the best and the worst of times, but emotions can be even tougher on those who are constantly dealing with depression. It takes true grit for an artist like Christian Hopkins to delve deep and sometimes ask unanswerable questions. He was facing his deepest fears and anxiety while shooting these very pictures below. Christian Hopkins has been dealing with depression the last few years, using his art to search for answers. And by allowing himself an honest examination as a photographer, to observe his subject with a clear purpose, he can search for the answers that surface when trying to flesh out ideas, sometimes discovering how he truly feels and what is the source of these emotions and how he identifies with it. It’s a profound personal odyssey. At first reluctant to release his pictures, he has gone on to say that he hopes his pictures might help someone going through a dark time to be able to identify themselves. Something he believes is important, especially in those dark moments when one is truly lost and aren’t even really sure who you are. In essence letting others know that they are not alone. Christian Hopkins is a testament to all artists that you have a voice that can be heard and one that must be true to oneself when creating art. After all the purpose of art may very well be to bring people together in the best and the worst of times. Enjoy Christian Hopkins work below:

For more on Christian Hopkins head over to his site flickr.com/people/chopkins011

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