Lovers of architecture and cityscapes will find Michal Orlowski’s paintings fascinating. These amazing works of art are flawlessly executed and give ample proof of the unique and beautiful perspective of this young artist.

His renderings of even the mundane looking buildings, lend a timeless hue to the subjects of his paintings.  They way he captures the light and life of the scene before him is exceptional. Even more so since his medium of choice is watercolors which, even in deft hands, require a singular vision in order to translate life into colors on canvas.

And Michal Orlowski executes this challenging process perfectly. He is decidedly among the best artists, especially watercolorists, that we have come across. We hope he keeps up his artistic endeavors because we are certain that we will never tire of admiring his paintings!



For more on Michal Orlowski, visit his website.



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