Being an art blog, we have, naturally, come across some exceptional artists and incredible works of art. We have featured some of the best artistic minds at work today and tried to spread the magic of their amazing art form through our blog.

Still, it would not be an exaggeration to say then, that we have never come across an artist like Kumi Yamashita and witnessed such mind boggling art before. Here is an artist who has shattered the boundaries of conventional methods to create works of art that baffle the mind.

To achieve this mind boggling feat she uses nothing more than the most primal elements of the universe. Light and Shadow. Her art is one of a kind and she has attained such proficiency in her style that she can even depict individual facial silhouettes of people she met during her travels (Fragments, Origami). And all this by merely using crumpled tiles, bed sheets or self made cutouts.

Words fail to describe the wonder that is the art of Kumi Yamashita, so we invite you to experience it for yourself.




For more on Kumi Yamashita, please visit her website.


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