Following the design trends study that we opened with this postwe will go deeper and analyze 5 trends for specific applications of graphic design.

Web design is a perfect place to start because it compiles a lot of design disciplines like logo design, typography, composition, illustration, and so on. The possibilities in styles and looks in web development are infinite and there is a huge quantity of trends. 

We choose five trends that we are sure will be very present in our browsers. Take them as an inspiration for your next web design projects.

1. Retro Style

The revision of old fashion styles is something that we already found in 2020 webs, and this 2021 will be even more present. There is a lot of kind of retro styles depending on the era you want to emulate.

Some examples:

2. 3D

From the past to the future. 3D is a kind of futuristic look that will be omnipresent in all kind of Graphic design projects. The web is not an exception and logos, fonts and UX will gain an extra dimension for a lot of new webs. The last technologies are hardly applied for 3D experiences. This is a very malleable style that can get very different flavors.

Following some examples for your inspiration.

3. Horizontal Scrolling

The Mobile and some App inspiration are bringing horizontal scroll to a trend. More and more webs are using this not only on the mobile responsive versions but in the big screens and desktop options. It’s a little odd at the beginning but it opens a whole world of new opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to try!

4. Parallax animation

The Parallax effect is been used for some years in a row and in 2021 will be present again. This is a perfect tool for creative webs that wants to take care of the user experience. It’s a powerful weapon for surprising the visitors and for make grow the time per visit, but it must be handle with care to not distract from the important message. 

5. Soft and muted colors

After the craziness of 2020, a lot of webs are looking for a calm and quiet feeling. Muted palettes are the perfect way to reach it. A combination of soft and pastel colors will be again a trend and you need to take into consideration this resource for your projects.

New posts on Graphic design trends are coming.

Keep on checking.