Graphic design is renewing constantly and with every change of year, we have the opportunity to renew the trends. Working with new styles or refresh old ones is always a chance to face new challenges.

After the global situation in 2020 in 2021 everyone is willing to overcome last year’s styles and bring fresh air in the graphic designs. However, some of the upcoming things are more a reinterpretation or an evolution of old fashion trends than a complete break with the past.

The more the graphic design goes forward the more niche-oriented is becoming. This is a reflection of the long-tail world were we are living in. In 2020 designs and designers were keep on specializing in their styles and creating new amazing niches. And this dynamic will continue shortly.

All the trends and styles for 2021 will be more focused on the people and their inner feelings. This will affect compositions and colors that will prioritize calm and introspective. As well the lockdown situation that we all live in some part of the year affects the trends for graphic designs in 2021, then fantasy and psychedelic places will be present in a lot of designs this year. And memories will be present in, again, another revision of the old fashion styles.

5 Graphic design tendencies

3D and optical illusions

This is a growing trend in past years and will be more and more important as the capabilities of software tools evolve. Especially in web design, and UI this is potentiated for the Virtual and Augmented reality boom and will be very important for projects that need a futuristic look.

Luxury and gold

The trends of technology and hardware are affecting every other aspect of graphic design. The metallic finishes already were in trend for a few years in a row but this year gold finishes in all their possibilities will be present in a lot of different projects, like the product and brand design, combined with vibrant colors and materials.

Manga and fantasy

The Manga style and the fantasy places and characters are a sure bet again this year. The growing fan legion of Japanese manga and anime is permeating all kinds of designs. The clothing, the accessories, and all products fashion-related will be a growing niche this 2021.

Other fantasy characters in a big variety of styles and techniques will be very present in illustration projects.  

Monocolor and Muted palettes

The less color the more intention. Designs with mono or dual tones will continue to be a referent in modern design. In confrontation with vibrant colors projects or very vibrant palettes, muted and reduced color palette will be a very safe bet in 2021

Other fantasy characters in a big variety of styles and techniques will be very present in illustration projects.  

Retro and Vintage

The revival of old fashion styles and retro images are one more year in a row a strong trending. But it’s not necessarily the same as every year. A new focus is still possible in this trend and new perspectives can be explored.

All these trends will be seen during this year. But we are sure that the creativity of the graphic designer will show again and we will be surprised with not suspected styles.

Let’s see what unsuspected trends will be used this 2021.