14 Easter T-Shirt Design Ideas for 2022

Much like holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving, Easter designs are a must-try for any Merch seller, being a popular and contested niche every year.

Easter niche is a seasonal opportunity that can welcome designs for both kids and adults, with the former being more crowded and competitive.

To give you a bit of an edge this year, in this article we’ll check out 14 Easter design ideas for 2022.

  1. Bunny Easter designs
  2. Easter eggs Easter designs
  3. Gaming Easter designs
  4. T-rex designs Easter designs
  5. Quote Easter designs
  6. Cartoon Easter designs
  7. Watercolor Easter designs
  8. Pixel Art Easter designs
  9. Retro Easter designs
  10. I Hate Easter designs
  11. Siblings Easter designs
  12. Animals Easter designs
  13. Chocolate Easter designs
  14. Vegan Easter designs
  15. Bonus ideas Easter designs

1. Bunny Easter designs

Bunny designs will remain strong this year, with the bulk of the Easter t-shirt designs coming from this concept alone. While highly contested, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and come up with new relevant Bunny designs for this Easter season. You might find some inspiration for new bunny designs along with this article, so keep reading!

Easter bunny t-shirt design

2. Easter eggs designs

Another extremely popular Easter design category is Easter eggs designs, all of which can take many different forms and styles of their own. Oftentimes featuring bunnies, Easter eggs can perfectly feature other elements such as other characters, decoration elements, and quotes, just to name a few.

3. Easter Gaming designs

We haven’t seen that many Easter gaming designs around in recent years, and since kids and gaming get along, we are expecting some Easter designs with a splash of gaming that represents gamers who love chocolate eggs.

4. Easter T-rex designs

The most famous dinosaur has become a favorite when it comes to Easter designs, so we consider Easter T-rex designs to be a good design idea to exploit in 2022. Some ideas to get you started are T-rex dressed as a bunny, chocolate T-rex, bunny in a T-rex costume chasing other bunnies, and baby T-rex coming out from a painted egg.

Easter T-rex

5. Easter Quote designs

Easter quote designs have the downside of being more limited to the season than other Easter designs, but it’s still a great opportunity to add a little humor with puns, jokes, and witty ideas that convert sales.

6. Cartoon Easter designs

Easter designs featuring a cartoonish style have been on the rise in past seasons, and they’re expected to be bigger than ever this year. Cartoon style designs are among the favorite for kids and children alike, so even though it can be a contested niche it’s still worth a try.

7. Watercolor Easter designs

Easter season is known to be a colorful one, making watercolor designs one of the most standout styles to go with this year. This design style has been present in other big niches like Nature and Animals which can easily translate into the Easter theme. It’s worth mentioning that if you aren’t a designer it will be hard to achieve a good watercolor-style piece, and in that case, we would recommend you either request a design from a professional designer or artist, or source watercolor-style PNGs to compose your own designs.

Watercolor style Easter eggs

8. Pixel Art Easter designs

Another design style that is known to be very colorful and fun is Pixel Art, which usually targets a young adult demographic due to its closeness to gaming, especially retro gaming. Creating Pixel Art designs for Easter on your own can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with it, yet it might yield a high return on your effort since it’s an underdeveloped niche, for now.

9. Retro Easter designs

Retro Easter designs are as fashionable as fun to wear, and since Retro is a style that traverses niches, we feel it’s right for you to consider Retro Easter designs for this season. We haven’t seen many Retro designs around, so that might be a sign of a niche that’s ready to be exploited in 2022.

10. I hate Easter designs

Some people just don’t like Easter, which makes them the perfect target for your ‘I Hate Easter’ type of t-shirt designs. These are intended to be fun, whimsical, and clever, without any trace of ill vibes or aggressiveness. Funny things like “I hate Easter so I eat all the chocolate bunnies” can be concepts to use in your favor.

11. Siblings Easter designs

Easter is a family celebration and Easter sibling t-shirt designs are a great design idea for the season, targeting different concepts about children celebrating Easter with their siblings, for example, “Bunny #1” and “Bunny #2” each on different designs. Consider expanding on the possibilities of this design concept, especially aimed at young kids.

12. Animals Easter designs

Animals are loved by everyone, and Easter designs featuring animals other than bunnies can be a fun and smart idea to capitalize on this season. Think about dogs, bears, cats, sloths, rhinos, all kinds of animals that can either enjoy Easter or be dressed up as bunnies. Funny interactions with chocolate can occur, such as cats and dogs being unable to eat chocolate.

Shark Easter design

13. Chocolate Easter designs

Chocolate is a key ingredient during the Easter season, and it’s a concept that can be utilized to create chocolate t-shirt designs talking about Easter, or chocolate designs that don’t necessarily relate with Easter but feature this keyword somewhere along the listing.

14. Vegan Easter designs

Regular chocolate Easter eggs aren’t made out of vegan chocolate, but vegan chocolate Easter eggs are available and are equally desired for vegans. Vegan designs can also be a platform for voicing a message against animal exploitation, which is also a viable idea to lean on this year.

Bonus Ideas: Easter stickers & Easter coloring books

Stickers Easter designs

Stickers are one of the most popular printable products in the industry, and Easter stickers of cute characters like happy chocolate bunnies and colorful Easter eggs are excellent ideas to explore this season.

Easter Coloring books

KDP is a business model that is still taking off and there aren’t many people competing with the best products yet, so expect Easter coloring books to be a pretty open category this year if you want to dip your toes into new opportunities.

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