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Custom Design Requests

Can't find what you are looking for?
Ask our team of professional graphic designers for a custom design to fit your needs.

What are Vexels Design Requests?

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Personalized Designs Made By Professional Artists

Do you have an idea for a custom design that will boost your sales? Do you need a personalized design?

What is a Design Request?
Design Requests are a unique feature given by Vexels to our subscribers, made by our in-house team of super talented designers, illustrators and artists who are well-versed in all aspects and styles of design.

They will take inspiration on your idea and references and come up with something great, original and useful for you.

T-Shirt Designs, Business Templates, Social Media, your call. Our team is ready to tackle your ideas with style and creativity.

How can I make a Design Request?

In order to make a design request you need to go to your Profile page and click on the Design Request tab that appears on the bottom of the left sidebar menu.

How long do custom Design Requests take to be made?

From the moment you send your design, allow 24 hours for it to be received and processed.

After that, your request will usually take between 4-5 business days to be completed.

Once the designs are done we’ll email you the link for you to download it.

Are Designs Exclusive for me?

Vexels is a graphic stock, not a Design studio, which means that some time after you receive your request, the design will be published on our library, and other users will be able to download it.

That being said, sometimes requests are so unique that don’t appeal to massive audiences; moreover, the success of a product doesn’t rely only in the design, but in other factors like how you list it in terms of keywords, product type and colors, just to name a few.

Can I ask for revisions to my Request?

Once the design is delivered to you, we do not make any revisions unless we made a mistake and missed a specification you initially made.

My design was rejected. Why? And What can I do?

More often than not, what is rejected is the Product, not the design. This means that you have probably listed the product with a keyword that is either trademarked or copyrighted and this is automatically flagged by the system.