Among Fathers’ Day gift ideas, our favorite ones feature funny dad designs such as hilarious quotes, or references about a father’s special skill–-or lack thereof.

In this post, we go over 11 design ideas for Father’s Day that can also work year-round.

Yes! Even though this list is centered around Father’s Day, dads will be dads all year long, so consider these options more as gifts than seasonal products. Let’s go!

  1. Gaming dad t-shirt designs
  2. Daddasaurus t-shirt designs
  3. Dad of the ______ t-shirt designs
  4. Grandpa t-shirt designs
  5. Living legend/fossil t-shirt designs
  6. Dad hobby t-shirt designs
  7. Dad-son / Dad-daughter t-shirt designs
  8. Father’s Day quote t-shirt designs
  9. Sports t-shirt designs
  10. Hard worker t-shirt designs
  11. Poster design ideas for Father’s Day
  • 1. Gaming dad t-shirt designs

There’s a new wave of dads that have grown up in the video game era, and a large portion still enjoys gaming passionately. Gaming designs with puns like leveling up and unlocking achievements are lovely details made as excellent Father’s Day gift ideas. The more specific your design is about a gaming style or platform, the more relatable and desirable your product will be!

Father's Day gaming t-shirt design


  • 2. Daddasaurus t-shirt designs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it forever: dinosaurs are the coolest. Kids love it, and dads who grew up in the 90s have a special place for Jurassic Park in their hearts, so definitely consider dinosaur designs, especially those with quotes or references to being a dad, like ‘Daddasaurus Rex’ for example.

  • 3. Dad of the ______ t-shirt designs

Funny dad t-shirts are some of the best design ideas for Father’s Day gifts, and self-deprecating humor works especially well with dads. While ‘Dad of the Year’ sounds warm and loving, ‘Dad of the Week’ is a hilarious twist on the phrase that can be used in multiple ways, like ‘Dad of the Month’. You can even create multiple variations using different fonts!

Try creating text-based designs for Father’s Day in the T-shirt Maker

  • 4. Grandpa t-shirt designs

The eldest dads also have jokes and puns of their own that never get old. Grandpa t-shirt designs can be conceived as gifts from grandchildren to grandparents, but also from adults to parents. Jokes about being ‘the original’, ‘legendary’, or even ‘mythic’ are all fun ideas to play with.

Grandpa t-shirt design

  • 5. Living legend/fossil t-shirt designs

Some dads embrace maturity with grace, and some do it immaturely. Along the lines of funny dad designs, those that refer to age and getting old get funnier the more extreme they are. Where many popular designs talk about ‘the Legend’, stretching that title across millions of years brings us ‘the fossil’. When creating dad t-shirt designs, take common concepts and turn them into extremes to generate new ideas.

  • 6. Dad hobby t-shirt designs

As with other ideas for t-shirt designs, hobby t-shirt designs can offer a lot of different ways to go about it when we add up the concept ‘for dads’. For example, a fishing t-shirt about Father’s Day will most likely match the hobby ‘fishing’ with a quote or reference about being a dad, best friend, you name it. Hobbies are activities people love doing, so keep this idea in mind whenever you’re thinking about designing dad t-shirts.

  • 7. Dad-son / Dad-daughter t-shirt designs

Father’s Day would be nothing without having kids in the first place, so designs that refer to the dad-son and dad-daughter relationship are another more than viable way to go about Father’s Day t-shirts. Ideas for these designs could be a shared activity or just emphasizing the father-child bond are good enough. You can make even more niche designs if you go about different cases: imagine a dad with two daughters, two boys, or triplets!

Dad and baby fist bump t-shirt

  • 8. Father’s Day quote t-shirt designs

Father’s Day quote designs are also popular during the season, although they tend to fall out of interest as soon as the date is over. Dad mug designs happen to be an excellent place to use Father’s Day quotes, as this category of designs is better positioned as Father’s Day gifts.

  • 9. Sports t-shirt designs

It’s safe to say that there’s a large proportion of the dad demographic that’s into sports, so a sports t-shirt design paired with one of the concepts we’ve talked about earlier might become a hit among your products. Designs in relation to dads supporting their kids’ sports are also in to try out! Sports t-shirt designs that refer to a specific team don’t require using an official logo, just using the team’s colors will do just fine.

Golf father t-shirt design

  • 10. Geek dad t-shirt designs

Geek dad designs go beyond the usual gaming designs, often referring to other interests such as comic books, films, sci-fi, board games, and other elements of the geek and nerd culture. Nerd dads FTW!

  • 11. Poster design ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day poster designs are all about rooms where dads roam, so consider ideas for ‘man caves’, gaming rooms, basements, attics, and garages where dads happen to inhabit from time to time. Same as with t-shirt designs: the more niche a poster design is, the more desired it will be!

Create Father’s Day designs yourself

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