Designing is an intricate art that makes a greater part of our modern reality, both online and in the physical realm. Like any other art, design skills can only be fully executed with the right tools for the trade, even by amateurs who have no design-related knowledge or experience at all. With the widespread use of the internet, one doesn’t even need to look much due to the prevalence of these essential tools online. However, choosing the right tool is not always easy especially given that there are hundreds of these designs tools available.

As modern society continues to evolve, the demand for skills such as designing keep getting more complex and time-conscious. As such, we all need the right set of tools that facilitate fast and easy design processes hence guaranteeing fast results each time. Let’s take a quick look at 10 of the best online tools to have if you want to design something impressive and unique.

1. Findicons Format Converter

We’re not all professional designers and not everyone has sophisticated designer software, but we do have design problems in need for a quick solution, and that’s what Findicons Icon Converter is here for. This easy to use Online Format Converter enables anyone to change the format of their given files from and to almost any other format that they prefer to design in or preferred/tolerated by their specific design platforms, computers or systems.

Findicons’ Icon Converter is the most practical tool for this job, easy to use, free, and capable of converting the most common formats that you throw its way. Here are a few examples of file conversions the Converter masters:

  • png to jpg
  • icon to icns
  • png to ico
  • eps to png
  • png to svg 
  • and many others!

Apart from being extremely useful for quick and easy format conversions, the Icon Converter is available to everyone, free to use, safe and secure, provides a fast file conversion, and works on any device!

FindIcons is also a great source of free icons and icon packs that can help you to successfully implement your design projects without any cost to your pocket. 

You can visit Findicons’ Icon Converter and try this tool out for yourself!

2. Font ID

MyFonts is a great tool for identifying different fonts for your designs. This online tool relies on an impressive font database containing over 133 000 fonts and writing styles which ensures that you can always identify any font that you come across. That’s not all, the tool is designed to provide other font related services that you are likely to require during design processes. Just be sure to use a high-quality image for super-accurate font detection and you will enjoy the tool’s functionalities;

Photo font’s identification: the tool can pick out any font on images which you may want to recreate or redesign. It also provides close matches for substitution. Font simulations: these allow you to visualize the appearance of your font in design and helps you to pick the ideal font or style that suits your needs.

Visit the MyFonts website to enjoy this unique tool here!

3. Color Wheel

Colors are some of the key elements that go into designing. As such, you need a tool that can help you to establish an attractive and appropriate color palette for your designs. The Adobe Color online tool is there to help you with your color selections and ensure the perfect color harmony for any design project. Ensure a visually attractive product from the tool with these features

  • Color pallet guide
  • Color wheel
  • Color harmony for the ideal color combination

Visit Adobe Color for your color tool needs here!

4. Canva Design

Are you looking for a unique and innovative design platform? Canva is one of the leading online tools that allow you to explore your creativity and bring ideas and concepts to life using a fully optimized online application with hordes of useful and interactive features to help you realize your dreams. Canva is popular for its fast-paced operations and great user-friendly interface. It enables designers to create a wide range of products such as:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Fliers, and a lot more…

Visit Canva here and enjoy this modern innovative tool!

5. Vectary 3D

Vectary is easily one of the best 3D design tool available online. It provides designers with innovative ways to bring their concept to life in a realistic manner that can give true depictions of the working concept. To help designers produce their work fast, Vectary offers a great library of pre-made template models and a neat design system. Some of the tool’s outstanding features are:

  • Rich library of free scenes
  • Super-realistic designs
  • Easy drag-and-drop operation

Visit Vectary today here and experience the 3D design marvel!

6 . Figma Graphical Design

This handy tool is great for both amateur and experienced graphic designers who wish to shape up their ideas into real digital products. The Figma design tool gives you the opportunity to create all sorts of graphical illustrations using a variety of customizable templates, tools and features, all working to facilitate your project fast and uniquely. Your limit here is your own imagination, with the ability to make products such as:

  • Logos
  • Presentation templates
  • Banners, etc.

Visit Figma here to discover endless graphical creativity

7. Font Combinations

Are you wondering about the perfect font combinations for your design project? Look no further than this amazing tool from Canva that helps you to figure out which fonts go the best hand in hand! All you have to do is to pick one type of font to start with and this tool will spoil you with choice! Canva Font Combinations promises a satisfactory experience each time with:

  • Fast font matchups
  • Multiple font combination options
  • Style suggestions, and more!

Click here to visit Font Combinations now!

8. Infogram: The Infographics Builder

Designers are often faced with the task of presenting raw data in a graphical manner. This ingenious tool helps you to make this presentation in a few simple steps with ease and great clarity. The Infogram design tool is programmed to instantly convert your data into simple yet highly informative infographics. To lessen the workload for you, the tool comes with several invaluable features such as:

  • A great collection of infograph templates
  • Interactive infograph features
  • Real-time designs, and a lot more!

Visit Infogram here and create your own unique infographic!

9. Design wizard

This tool is one of the best media management tool that every designer should have handy at all times. It allows you to create amazing video and image designs within a matter of minutes. Design Wizard allows users to edit their own desired content or to create new media from scratch as well as offering several impressive features to refine your project such as:

  • Multiple customization tools to resize, color or render your media
  • A great library for template sourcing and inspiration
  • Copyright protection for your designs

Visit Design Wizard here and learn more about these amazing features!

10. Vectr

Last but certainly not least, we have Vectr, one of the best design tools for creating vector graphics, available all for free! This tool is beloved by designers across the board for its simplistic design and user-friendly interface. Vectr users enjoy a number of unique vector design features including:

  • A cross-platform operation, works on any device
  • Scalable vectors without any loss in clarity
  • Flawless online operation, no need to download and install

Visit the Vectr website here and create your own amazing vector graphic!