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Choose the color, background, model and set up that fits you best.

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Ready for your merch store, pod platform, brand assets or any place you want it to stand out.

Apparel Mockups for Merch Stores

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Place your Merch products onto awesome mockups made in-house.

Mockups for PODs

Elevate your store's appeal with professionally-made product mockups! Create custom mockups for the most popular and best-selling print-on-demand products, including t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, phone cases, and mugs; also try out our model mockups to give some life to your store!

Edit mockups for merch

Vexels' Mockup Generator is an online tool that enables full customizable mockups. Edit the background, product color, content size and placement without the need of advanced design skills. This Mockup Generator is constantly evolving, adding new options on a regular basis.

Mockups for every product

It doesn't matter what your store is about, the Mockup Generator features much more than just t-shirts! Find products like book covers, mugs, phone cases, Popsockets, face masks, leggings, and more! And if you don't find what you need, you can always let us know!

Stand-alone mockups & more

Vexels features tons of mockups for apparel stores, including all kinds of t-shirts like black t-shirts, white t-shirts, tank tops and long sleeves; Vexels' mockup library includes stand-alone products as well as blank mockups featuring models to further customize and diversify your store looks.

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Create designs from scratch, customize t-shirt design templates, get merch-ready designs or mockups for your store.

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What is a mockup generator?

mockup generator is an online tool where you can create mockups without using any external software like Photoshop or Illustrator. You upload your designs and end up with a high-quality mockup which you can download in the size and format of your choice.

How to create a mockup?

Creating a mockup in the Vexels T-shirt Mockup Generator is super easy! Just choose the product mockup you want to use and then upload your design. You can fine tune some details if you want, and then choose a format and size for the final image. That’s it! A mockup in seconds.

How to use a mockup generator?

Using an online mockup generator is super simple. Just choose the product mockup you want, upload the design you want to show off and that’s it! You can tweak the final image to make it exactly what you want and then download. On the Vexels Mockup Generator there are multiple sizes available to choose from.

Why do I need a mockup?

To show off your designs to clients and potential customers you’ll need high quality mockups. You can choose between different options and even customize the images. A product mockup will definitely help your ideas and designs stand out.

How to use mockups with Photoshop?

You don’t need Photoshop to make a mockup. Simply use Vexels T-shirt Mockup Generator to insert your design into a mockup template made of exclusive images created by our own team. You can customize your mockup too! Change backgrounds, colors on t-shirts and other items and make a truly unique final image.

woman with cool t-shirt design

How do I use the T-shirt Mockup Generator?

  1. Upload the design you want

    Log in and start your journey! Click on the upload button and upload any design you wish to show off. Place it on the mockup and change it's size or rotate as many times as you want.

  2. Browse categories

    We've got stand-alone products as well as mockups featuring models to further customize and diversify your store looks. Find tons of products from t-shirts, hoodies, business cards and more!

  3. Change color and background

    Select your shirt's color according to Merch by Amazon's standards and change the mockup's background.

  4. Download Mockup

    Click on the Download button, select your preferred size and download a high-quality mockup PNG. Upload to your merch store on any POD platform and enjoy standing out from others.