1066 T-Shirt Design Templates for Merch

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Make unlimited designs from a single file with T-shirt Design Templates. Edit text, images, layers, everything.

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How do you use a t-shirt template?

To use a t-shirt template in photoshop download and extract the PSD file and open it up on Photoshop. You'll find that each layer gives you the exact instructions of what or how to change it. Edit background, texts, colors, layers, effects, images, everything.

How can I design my own T-shirts?

There are many ways in which you can design your own t-shirt. Build it with a combination of pre-made designs, create them in an online t-shirt maker, or use t-shirt design templates you can edit and generate many designs from the same file.

What program can I use to design t-shirts?

Some of the best programs you can use to design t-shirts are Adobe Illustrator for vectorial graphics and Photoshop for PSD t-shirt design templates, with the right files you'll be able to create original high-quality designs.

Creating many original & trendy different t-shirt designs take time, that's why we've come up with our scalable t-shirt templates. We've made this illustrations with different componets you can change as much as you need: layers, effects, text, images, elements; it's tailored to make unlimited designs. Learn more about our t-shirt design templates & get a free sample to give it a chance.

The odds of someone copying your design are almost none. Just download one editable template and edit it on Adobe Photoshop. Make your custom tees, statement shirts or cool hoodies with quotes and images easily, in a flash. Design t-shirts to sell with our best selling product the easiest way ever!