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Choose from over 90,000 graphics for your KDP and self-publishing books, including Book Covers
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VEXELS is the most affordable Design platform for KDP and self-publishers looking to bring their work to the next level.

With over 90,000 graphics ready for Commercial Use, finding or creating your new Book Cover design was never this easy.

Coming Soon

VEXELS' Book Cover Creator is a soon-to-come powerful tool that will help you designing the best cover for your no-content books and turn them into best-sellers.

You will be able to pick the right format size, the amount of pages and start tinkering with the title, background and anything you may find in our library. Stay tuned!

KDP Interiors

One of the best ways to stand out among the crowd is to have either a great book cover or a great book interior.

At Vexels we are generating book interiors for different categories and niches, so you can take your book business to the next level, one page at a time. Coming soon!

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