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Book Interior Designs for KDP

Check out our Book interior page designs, featuring
editable page templates, customizable texts, and graphic elements.

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Book Interior Designs for KDP Success

Download Book Interior Designs

Get amazing Book Interior Designs, perfect for your journals, diaries, notebooks, and more!

Book Interior Templates

Choose from our collection of book interior templates to start editing your new book interior design.


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Make Coloring Books For Everyone!

You don’t need to draw a single pixel to create awesome coloring books for adults as well as for kids.

Just get your hands on our coloring book design sets and fill your pages with ease!

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How to Create a Coloring Book for KDP with Ready-made Designs

Don’t know how to make a low-content book of your own? Learn how to do it in no time!

The Best Design Solution for Amazon KDP Self-publishing Sellers

Vexels has amazing graphic resources for sellers focused on low-content books.

Get book cover designs, ready-made book interior designs, and powerful KDP templates for multiple types of self-publishing products.

The road to self-publishing success awaits!


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Create Notebooks and Journals That Sell, Easily!

At Vexels, you’ll find amazing and easy-to-use graphic designs and resources for all types of notebooks and journals you can imagine!

Download elements like boxes, lines, and graphics for bullet journals and notebooks, and create endless book interiors for KDP. 

Let your creativity loose!







What is a low-content book?

Contrary to novels and other types of fiction and non-fiction written books, low-content books feature little-to-no content. Such is the case with notebooks, journals, coloring books, sketchbooks, and many others along the same lines.

How to create a coloring book

Creating a coloring book for KDP is simple once you know how to do it. Check this blog post to learn how!

How to create low-content books

Low-content books such as notebooks and journals are as simple as you want them to be. Find tons of resources to build your own pages in our low-content graphic listings.

Which are the best book sizes for KDP?

In our experience, a good range of book sizes for you to try out is anywhere from 5 x 8” up to 8.5 x 11”. Think about the common size for notebooks and coloring books, with the latter usually being larger in order to fit designs that are easier to colorize.

How to make a book cover for Amazon KDP

Vexels features lots of book cover designs for KDP that you can download and edit to fit your needs. Check our KDP book cover listings.

How to sell more books on Amazon KDP

One of the best ways to boost your KDP sales is to promote them on social media. Participating in community groups related to your niche is a good place to start, and building your own channels and community is always a good strategy.

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