Every month we feature a selection of interesting design collections that catch our attention.

Feel free to download and edit these designs to further customize them and make them your own.

Design Collections for June 2022

1. Doodle Fears

A monochrome design collection inspired by phobias made in doodle style.

Doodle style t-shirt design

2. Alien combat

This collection is inspired by space bounty hunters and galactic warriors.

Alien warrior t-shirt design

3. Kaiju

The term ‘kaiju’ is a Japanese word for ‘big monster’ and an entire genre of films and media, which served as inspiration for this collection.

Kaiju t-shirt design

4. Retro anti-social

The rubber hose style is having a small resurgence in popularity and inspired this funny collection of anti-social characters.

Retro funny design

5. Cute giants

This collection features gentle giants in different situations.

Cute giant t-shirt design

6. Colorful zodiac

Vibrant colors, flat style, and lots of single elements make up this collection including the 12 zodiac signs.

Colorful zodiac t-shirt design

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