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Bridges, its almost everywhere. Its the structure which connect two areas or location that is separated by either a body of water, a small channel or small valley. We see them almost everyday, pass on them, walk over those bridges. Wont it  be interesting if photography is to be incorporated with bridges. Yes it has been and been continually done. But what if we tell you there are far more angle than the top or above the bridge?


Yes, it the underside, or bottom view. Under the bridge. There is also a beauty hiding down there, and the following photographers captured that specific beauty, underneath the bridge.

Feel free to browse below for their majestic photography captures.


Alexander Golev

alexander golev


Anthony Mejia

anthony mejia



anthony mejia2



Bert Beckers

bert beckers



David Tavan


david tavan


Denz Bocasan

denz bocasan



immy -


Jari Hudd

jari hudd



Julien Auger

julien auger



Kees Smans

kees smans



Lucas Montalvo

lucas montalvo


Just to remind you guys, all those photos above is for inspirational use only. give Credit to their original creator, or in this case, their photographer.


Have fun!!! And we hope you got more inspiration, from us here at Open Stock Blog!

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