PNG graphics are lightweight, transparent background designs that are meant to be used nearly for any and all design purposes.

The term ‘PNG’ stands for ‘Portable Network Graphics, and it’s a raster graphic file format that supports lossless data compression that, together with JPEG and GIF, it’s one of the most used and practical image file formats available.

PNGs are used by professional designers and casual users alike since they’re very easy to use on any type of design, and in this post, we’ll show you 5 of the best sites to find and download PNG graphics:

1. Vexels

Vexels PNG library

Vexels features a growing collection of over 80K PNGs and SVGs ready for use, spanning hundreds of topics, niches, styles, and purposes, such as:

  • Icons
  • Elements
  • Shapes
  • Illustrations
  • Letterings
  • Sports
  • Grunge
  • Abstract

All of Vexels’ PNGs are made by its in-house team of professional artists and designers. You check out Vexels’ PNG-SVG library here. If you need more than PNGs, learn here about their commercial use vectors.

2. Findicons

Findicons logo

Findicons features a large collection of icons and icon packs, and it also features a PNG converter tool, allowing to easily convert images to ICO, ICNS, PNG, and other popular icon formats, for free.

3. Iconmonstr


Albeit smaller than its other counterparts, Iconmonstr‘s PNG-SVG collection features high-quality icons served by a sole designer, its creator Alexander Kahlkopf. It’s a great resource for finding uniform, minimal icons.

4. The Noun Project

The Noun Project logo

The Noun Project is a visual library with millions of icon options to pick from sourced from artists and designers all over the world. While they have expanded onto photography, stroke-lined black and white PNG icons are what the platform is most known for.

5. PNG Tree

PNGtree Logo

PNGtree is a library featuring thousands of free PNGs to download (although with a daily limit of 2 for free users) as well as premium plans that allow unlimited downloads.

We hope this post helped you find the best PNGs for your projects, whether it’s for design assignments, creating t-shirt designs, or freelance work. See you in the next one!