For every online shopping experience, consumers must interact with a product page. The product page is the most crucial page on a website. If all the pages in your website function correctly, except for the products pages, then you can be sure of zero sales.

Product pages play a significant role in a business website. The design, product descriptions, cart functionality, title tags, media quality, and page speeds must be top notch. To increase sales, read the article further for an insight into new product page design techniques.

Holistic Product Page Designing

New product page designs include everything that the customer needs to know about when buying on one page. The customer does not need to navigate out of the product page to get more information. The intention of using a holistic approach in designing product pages is to capture the attention of the customer and provide him with all the relevant information faster.

[Check out Ministry of Supply‘s product page]

Tabbed Navigation

Customers want friendly product pages designs. Latest product page designs contain an easy to use tab. For example, if a consumer wants to know about the product warranty, he clicks on the warranty tab. For most product pages, customers have to search for warranty tabs, and at times the warranties contain inadequate information.

Use of 3D  

With 3D technology, customers can get a vivid and immersive view of products. New product pages designs use 3D images for products. Using 3D photos is making it possible for customers to view products from all angles.

Recently, Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce company, announced its goal to help small businesses create 3D models for their products. Shopify intention is to enable browser viewing of the 3D product images in AR using Apples, AR Quicklook application.

Customers will, in turn, be able to test and get an in-depth view of all aspects of products in product pages.

Use of Zoomable 360 Degrees Product Images

Use of 360 images in product pages is still new. A lot of marketers still use traditional models in their product page designs, however, some smart E-commerce businesses nowadays use some of the best 3D product configurator to provide a realistic feel of the product to the buyers.  360-degree photos are magical and could be the new secret to unlocking sales increase. The images can be zoomed and spun, meaning; a customer can get a close and an all-around view of a product.

[Check out Metavrse’s full product page]

Lean Product Pages

57 % of online costumers won’t recommend your business to their friends if you have a poor website. Meaning, to stand a chance in e-commerce, you must have outstanding product pages optimized for mobile phones.

Customers, nowadays, want fast experience, the minute your pages start dragging, taking ages to load, they will move in search of better sites. Good thing today there are lots of ways to improve pages to sell digital products.

Create amazing product images

When clients see an image on your page, they will instantly shed the product ion a positive or negative light. Also, product images help in giving more information about a product, which would not be possible when using text alone. This in turn helps in selling the product. If you do product photography in a professional way, you will go a long mile in attracting new and repeat business.

Invest in a good quality camera or smartphone, have a source of consistent light, buy a white backdrop, tripod, and ensure you take your images on a steady surface. Also, don’t forget to use multiple images to show the clients visiting your pages the product from different angles. 

New product page designs conversions are higher compared to old designs. With consumers becoming choosy and attracted to more appealing designs—businesses will have to invest in more modern product page design techniques—for a guaranteed increase in sales.