Photography comes in different style, methods and creative ways to produce stunning and spectacular shots. Every artist has a unique way of expressing themselves, and if you are interested in finding yours you may find how to be a photographer article quite useful.

In this post, we will show you, a great work of one of the artist known to make extravagant photos, using one of the methods of photography, using Light.

Not just actually using light to illuminate photo subjects, but using light as an actual “medium” or tool to create highly detailed art. This is called light photography and/or light graffiti. This Photo art is now highly emerging way to create, for both the starters and seasoned veterans regarding photography skills.


Now, meet Eric Stellar. He is one of the photo art makers using this light photography way. He has been showcasing his talent for 30(probably more) years.

Here is some of his work in Light Photography.


Coool isn’t it? well we find it really fascinating, that using light to photos in different way, making it look like the images were “drawn” using light sources.

Stay tuned for more of this kind of art in the following days.

We will continue to give you more of this topics soon.

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