Javier Medellin Puyou might as well be a rockstar. The amount of style and attitude that he produces in his artwork is second to none. Most recently known under the name Jilipollo, he displays his noticeable influences in japanese design art, caricatures, and popular culture. When creating his unique paintings, he works mostly with brush and ink bringing his subjects to life with very expressive body language and facial expressions. His compositions mainly built around a forced perspective or playing with layers and depth of field, together with his use of a simple color palette, bring to mind the comic book print art of decades ago. His work places the observer in a setting that is at times hinting at a retro feel and other times very clean and futuristic. Each decision is a smart one and done with a defining style that only an editorial eye such as Mr. Puyou´s could visualize. Without a doubt few things scream with as much style and attitude as a true artist, a rockstar, and Jilipollo is most definitely one. Please visit the link for more amazing work from Mr.Puyou, some of which has his work process detailed. Check it out at: https://www.behance.net/jilipollo

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