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Today, we will focus the spotlights on a known artist, Jim Warren.

Some if not all, of his works are shown and showcased throughout. Some were even movie posters or for movie billings and billboards, I may say.

Well, his site gave some information or biography, and here it is:

Born: Nov 24, 1949 in Long Beach, CA to Don and Betty Warren. Jim’s brother Rick was 2 and his sister Kathy was 5.

Beginnings: Started painting at age 2, like all children. Went through the usual string of career choices such as: artist, magician, artist, rock star, artist etc. I officially decided in high school in 1967 that an artist, a “Rich and Famous” one at that, was what I was going to be!

Tools: Traditional oil paint on stretched canvas which I coat with a gesso primer. Only paintbrushes are used to paint with and NO airbrush, as people have sometimes thought.
Art Training: “I’m basically self taught. I learned some basics in my high school art class. At college I attended several life-drawing classes, and always studied the great masters at museums.”


Interesting isn’t it. And now here are some of his works:



All illustrations and artworks are all the sole property of its creator, Jim Warren. Please refer to his site for more information over his artworks.

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