Quotes are a powerful tool in merchandising. They can evoke emotions, inspire, entertain, and create a strong connection with customers. Whether you’re selling merch on your custom eCommerce website, through marketplaces, or as a content creator, using quotes effectively can significantly enhance your product’s appeal. This article will provide you with essential tips and insights on how to utilize quotes as a design asset, ensuring they resonate with your target audience and bring attention to your products.

I’ve Got the Perfect Quote, Now What?

Having a witty or relatable quote is just the first step. If you are struggling to find quotes for your design, our online quote generator might help you generate inspirational ideas. The way you implement that quote into your design is equally crucial. A great quote in a poorly chosen font or composition will fall flat. Here’s how to ensure your quote works effectively as a design asset.

quote generator preview

Choosing the Right Font

The typography you select can greatly impact how your quote is perceived. Here’s a breakdown of some popular font styles and their best uses:

Sans Serif: Clean, modern, and easy to read. Ideal for minimalistic designs.

design with sans serif font

Serif: Classic and elegant, with small lines at the end of characters. Great for sophisticated and timeless quotes.

design with serif font

Script: Flowing and cursive, resembling handwriting. Perfect for romantic or personal quotes.

design with script font

3D: Adds depth and dimension. Works well for bold and eye-catching statements.

design with 3d font

Doodle: Playful and informal, often hand-drawn. Suits whimsical and fun quotes.

design with doodle font

Retro: Ideal for quotes that evoke a sense of the past.

design with retro font

Graffiti: Perfect for quotes with a rebellious or street-smart vibe.

design with graffiti font

Funky or Fantasy: Best for quotes that are quirky or fantastical.

design with fantasy font

Custom Lettering: Tailored to your needs. Hiring a designer for custom lettering can make your quote stand out distinctly.

design with custom font

Enhancing Your Quote Design

Once you’ve chosen the right fonts, consider these tips to optimize your quote and create a compelling design.

Illustration and Quote Balance

Decide if your quote needs an accompanying illustration. If it does, determine which element should be the focal point. For a strong quote, let it stand alone with a unique font. For quotes paired with designs, ensure the text complements rather than overwhelms the visual. You can create a design for your quote using our T-Shirt Maker, which offers a variety of premade templates. You can also generate art with AI, upload your own fonts, edit and mix elements, and more.

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Mix and Match Fonts and Colors

Using a single font and color for the entire quote can be effective, but mixing different fonts and colors can add dynamism. Highlight important words with contrasting fonts or colors to draw attention and create visual interest.

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Creative Compositions

Quotes can be more than just text on a page. Use them as part of the overall design composition. For example:

  • Wrap longer quotes around illustrations.
  • Arrange text in shapes like hearts, circles, or rainbows.
  • Create arch compositions by curving text at the top and bottom.

t shirt maker text edit

Adding Text at the Bottom

A popular trend is to include additional text in a simple, small sans serif font at the bottom of the design. This adds more layers of interest and provides an opportunity to expand on the quote or add context.

Stay Updated on Trends

Keep an eye on current design trends. What’s popular today might not be tomorrow, so stay flexible and ready to adapt your designs.



Using quotes as a design asset can greatly enhance your merch, making it more appealing and engaging for your customers.

By carefully selecting fonts, balancing text with illustrations, and creatively arranging your quotes, you can create compelling designs that stand out. Remember to keep your audience in mind and stay adaptable to trends. Happy designing!