You may agree that nowadays it’s hard to catch well-deserved online marketplaces that you can 100% rely on.  How many of such marketplaces have you found?  

If your answer is ‘less than 5’ so you chose a brilliant place and time to find out some more important information. In this article, you’ll get 10 best online marketplaces, where you surely have a possibility to sell all your stunning designs. 

Don’t miss your chance, stay in touch and grab the most attractive online marketplace which will help you to spread your ideas. 


The first perfect online marketplace is TemplateMonster. Be sure that this platform deserves your attention 100%. What is special about it? The answer is clear!

TemplateMonster accepts 31 types of products and can add a new one if you won’t discover the necessary category. They include WooCommerce Templates, Magento Templates, eBay Templates, Fonts And Icon Fonts, UI Elements Themes and many other worthwhile types. Don’t say you haven’t got an opportunity to sell any of your designs. 

Becoming a vendor there are plenty of benefits :

  • 70% from each sale for exclusive products 
  • up to 40% for non-exclusive products 


Next in our list of best online marketplaces is ThemePlanet. This marvelous marketplace can boast about its high-quality products, a wide range of themes and charming commission rates. If we become deeper, we’ll discover that ThemePlanet offers you to sell such items as WordPress, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, HTML5 templates, etc.  Create your own store with 3 easy steps: choose the name, upload the themes and sell your designs. 

The main features:

  • receive 60% commission on all purchases
  • request payment and get paid out in 7 days via PayPal or Payoneer
  • upload products even while your store is waiting for the approval 


One more digital marketplace for spreading your fabulous designs is 99designs. That’s a perfect way to fire up a freelance career without plenty of effort. All you need to do is to create your design, and 99design will handle the rest. 

Decide the most appropriate way of working. Either you want to set up your own prices via working with clients 1-to-1 or submit your concepts on Design Contest and work with global businesses.

Being a creator you can pick 2 ways to work: 

  • work directly with clients 
  • complete with the community 

Anyway, this workspace promises to be the place where you do what you love and earn big bucks. 


Designing fonts is your cup of tea? I have excellent news for you! Monotype is a sample of an online marketplace that gives you an opportunity to sell fascinating and fashionable font designs.   

The features you should be aware of:

  • choose Monotype Font Platform and upload a fresh font family
  • work with MyFonts and get paid well-deserved 
  • be paid on a minimum from $0 to $500 

Sign up the Monotype and trade your contemporary designs confidently with a stunning profit.  


In case you are interested in selling and being an author, I’ve found one remarkable example of workspace floating around the Internet. There’s no doubt you’ve already known it – EnvatoMarket. That’s a large platform for any of your designs and ideas.  

Selecting an Envato community you can choose 2 types of author’s accounts:

  • 55% commission for each exclusive  sale
  • 37%-12% commission for each non-exclusive sale 

This online marketplace offers beneficial terms and commission. Any author can sell website templates, graphic patterns, plugins, photos, or other digital products. 

Does it fit you? Then get a jerk on! 

Creative Market

For those creators who are dreaming about a remarkable and profitable shop on the digital marketplace, grab this one. Creative Market is one you’ve 100% heard about, so now I’m going to tell a few significant words.

To fuel your business you need just:

  • select what are you going to sell ( graphic designs, fonts, web themes, add-ons or templates to any taste)
  • produce astonishing content 
  • set up your own rates 
  • make a profit of up to 70% for each sale

As a bonus, do you want to sell your products on the private website or beyond? Then do it!


Are you a true fan of responsive themes? So catch as catch can Gridgum online marketplace which is oriented to sell only responsive designs. There you can vend both Bootstrap themes and Gumby and Skeleton frameworks. Everything is for you. 

What does the Gridgum offer if you become a vendor? 

  • 65% fixed commission for exclusive products
  • 45% fixed commission  for non-exclusive themes
  • 20% – 40% affiliate referrals scheme 
  • add an installation service with your theme (get more profit)

You could notice that Gridgum has one of the most beneficial commission rates. Try it and you won’t regret it. 


One more ideal online marketplace to trade your marvelous designs. BootstrapBay gives you a helping hand in vending templates and incredible themes. 

They offer you a perfect way to sell non-exclusive templates and place them anywhere you want. BootsrtrapBay believes that each author should have the freedom to list his products on necessary platforms.  

Payment rates are truly competitive:

  • the commission is between 55%-70% per sale (increase your total sale volume and get higher commission)

Also, they have fast and friendly support, so any of your issues will be removed in a short time. 

Designhill PrintShop

That’s probably the most creative and imaginative digital marketplace that allows you to share remarkable photographs, artworks, and graphic designs. Pay attention, that you can not only share but also give amazing emotions to people. Desighnhill PrintShop will print your designs on various goods T-shirts, sleeves, polos, phone accessories, and many others.  

You just need to upload your design, then the Designhill will print and deliver the order to the customer.  

Look through the pricing system: 

  • get the base price
  • add your margin
  • and catch the retail price

No issues, everything is clear. 


I promised 10 best online marketplaces, so that’s the last one and believe this workspace worth it. Designers, developers, and editors can use this great freelance space called Fiverr in order to vend fashionable and outstanding designs all over the world. Themes, illustrations and other 200 categories you are able to choose what to work with. 

Determine the preferable one and let’s get a sense of pricing system:

  • 80% of each transaction is yours 
  • fixing price between  $5 – $995 (you should offer 3 versions of your services with 3 prices)

The more you work, the more you get! 

Wrapping up 

Everybody wants to earn more money but not all of them look through such useful resources, which give real places to make big bucks. Remember, that your profit is up to you and these stunning 10 marketplaces can break new grounds for you and your artspace. 

Which digital marketplace have you found the most attractive and beneficial? 

Share your thoughts!