by Grace Carter

4 Tips to Write Mind-Blowing Product Descriptions

As a content creator, whether that’s an artist, vlogger, or even the marketer for said-creator, selling merch is one of the best ways to promote a business and to increase your income revenue. Everybody is doing it, and with services like Merch by Amazon so readily available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be either.

However, merch marketplaces are highly competitive, and it can be a struggle to get your products in front of your target audience. Then chuck in the fact you’ve got to convince them to buy your product once they’re on your page; you can easily see why this may be an overwhelming challenge.

The common denominator of each product is the description itself, which is why we’re going to explore everything you need to know in order to create mind-blowing product descriptions to help you shift stock on your Merch by Amazon page.

1) Master the Art of Keywords

Just like any kind of product marketplace or search engine, Merch by Amazon relies on keywords to help products become discoverable. This means, before you even start writing your description, you need to research which keywords you’re going to use, in order to fit them naturally into your description.

“Remember, you don’t want to come across as ‘spam’ or loading your description up with too many. The fewer, the more specific, your keywords are, the more effective your description will be,” explains Lukas Evans, a content writer for Paper Fellows.

2) Write an Optimised Title

The title is the most important aspect of your Merch description. Whether you’re writing for a t-shirt merch product or a baseball cap, the title, or the headline, is the element that jumps out and grabs your reader’s attention out of all the other products and draws them in.

Failure to grab their attention and they’ll move over to another product, and you’ll have missed out on a potential sale. Remember to add your keywords in your title but ensure it’s not a spammy mess of keywords. On Amazon, make sure you avoid duplicating words and accurately describe the product the best return.


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3) Writing Accurate Content

Before we move onto the product description itself, imagine reading one that was full of mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors. The chances are you’d turn away from the product and take your business elsewhere. After all, if a company can’t write properly, what does that say about their product quality?

This shows the importance of making sure you’re writing your product descriptions to the highest quality. If you doubt your skills, here are some tools that can help;

These are two online resources to help you correctly use and improve your grammar skills.

Use these two online proofreading tools to help you identify and correct any errors in work, as reviewed by UKWritings.

These are two writing blogs full of information and advice on how to improve your general writing skills.

To improve your editing skills, and improve your description’s tone of voice and structure, use these online editing tools, as highlighted by Assignment Services.

Use these online writing guides to structure and format your Merch by Amazon descriptions to remain professional.

4) Highlighting the Key Features

Moving onto the actual product description itself, the first thing you’re going to want to do using Amazon’s standard product page layout is making sure you detail the key features of the Merch. Within this; you’ll want to include considerations like;

  • Who is the product for?
  • What purpose does the merch have?
  • What kind of situation would the merch be worn?

Answering these questions will give you the basic outline of your product description and how to format it for your readers to have everything they need to know. For example, you could have something like;

This is the perfect jacket to keep you smiling on a rainy day. ideal for the modern fashionista, this jacket is sure to turn heads on the high street and prides itself as being the perfect balance between cliché and stylish.

This is just a rough example but creating a little story like that for each bullet-point is sure to give the reader everything they need to want the merch. Alternatively, you can use a third-party design service to help with every stage of the design process.

Finishing Up

That’s all there is to writing a Merch by Amazon description. At the time of writing, the Amazon search engines rely on a ranking system; so easily portraying all the information in a simple bullet-point format is enough to give both your customers and the algorithms everything they need.

It’s always a great idea to A/B test your descriptions and write multiple versions to test which works the best for you continuously. With an ongoing process such as this; you’ll be able to sell the highest amount of merch products, guaranteeing your business’ success!

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Grace Carter is a content editor at BigAssignments and Custom Essay services. She manages a team of writers who supply content, review and edit it. Also, Grace creates courses on writing, formatting and structuring at educational website.