Tote bags are one of the main products to consider selling in 2022, especially with so many marketplaces offering them, and so many creative ideas that are unique to this kind of product.

Much like mug designs, tote bag designs can take advantage of the usages that the tote bag product has, and like t-shirt designs, tote bag designs can be used as a fashion statement as well.

To help you figure out what kind of tote bag design is the best for your print-on-demand business, here are 17 tote bag design ideas to get you started in 2022.

  1. Recycling tote bag designs
  2. Green tote bag designs
  3. Positivity tote bag designs
  4. Abstract tote bag designs
  5. Minimal tote bag designs
  6. Watercolor tote bag designs
  7. Japanese tote bag designs
  8. Lettering tote bag designs
  9. Vintage tote bag designs
  10. Retro tote bag designs
  11. Geometric tote bag designs
  12. Pattern tote bag designs
  13. Food tote bag designs
  14. Nature tote bag designs
  15. Beach tote bag designs
  16. Animals tote bag designs
  17. Flowers tote bag designs

Recycling tote bag designs

Tote bags are a good way of looking after the environment, saving the need for using plastic bags that are ultimately meant to be discarded. Recycling designs make sense on products like tote bags, so consider quotes about recycling as well as recycling symbols and elements.

Green tote bag designs

Similar to Recycling designs, green and environmentally-focused designs are a solid tote bag design idea that works all year round. Green tote bag designs can also be messages of protest, like “Ride More Bikes” for example.

Positivity tote bag designs

Tote bags make a great platform for expressing positivity quotes, whether they are about self-care and empowerment, as well as messages of encouragement for others. Positivity quote designs oftentimes feature beautiful letterings and bright colors, but can also lean towards minimalistic designs as well.

Abstract tote bag designs

When creating a collection of tote bag designs, consider developing a collection of abstract designs since they’re popular for people of all ages. Abstract designs, when done properly, can be easy to make using basic elements such as circles, triangles, and lines.

Abstract Flower design

Minimalist tote bag designs

Minimalist designs are limited in terms of colors and shapes, oftentimes featuring only one color and a small number of basic graphic elements. Some minimalist designs rely on only one word or short quote, also in a minimalist typeface. This kind of tote bag design is more fitting for stylish tote bags.

Watercolor tote bag designs

Watercolor designs are one of the most pleasant and beautiful designs for tote bags, making this one of the go-to styles to exploit when making tote bag designs. Watercolor designs work best in multiple colors and when illustrating nature scenes and elements.

Japanese tote bag designs

Japanese t-shirt designs are not only fit for t-shirts, but Japanese design style can also work awesomely for tote bags too. From Anime designs to ukiyo-e traditional Japanese art style, Japanese designs can easily adapt to tote bags, turning them into fashion items.

Japanese Tote bag design

Lettering tote bag designs

Lettering quote designs are among the most popular tote bag designs, as there are many ways of using this design resource on this product, for example, quotes like “Carrying my hopes and dreams” can be very fitting for a tote bag. For some lettering designs you can rely on cool fonts you can use commercially, but in this case, we would recommend you get professional lettering work, or check out ready-made lettering designs that you can edit online.

Vintage tote bag designs

Vintage designs are a classic type of design (pun intended) that makes use of very ornamental elements and old school typefaces together with grungy and vintage-like effects to make the designs look old and worn. Elements like ornamental frames, arrows, and lines work great, and old school-type of designs are a staple for this kind of aesthetic.

Retro tote bag designs

Retro designs feature elements usually from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so there are plenty of styles and elements to pick from, like retro sunsets, vintage cartoons, hippie floral patterns, neon cassette tapes, and tons of others.

Retro tote bag design

Geometric tote bag designs

Tote bags with geometric elements may fall into different categories we have mentioned earlier, and we wanted to reinforce the idea of using geometric elements in general, since they are very practical and easy to design with while staying creative at the same time.


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Pattern tote bag designs

Unlike with t-shirt designs, pattern designs are a type of design that works perfectly on tote bags, since they are mostly used as accessories and fashionable items. Patterns are more natural to use on plain, geometric canvases like mugs and tote bags.

Food tote bag designs

One of the uses tote bags have is for grocery shopping, and food designs fall naturally into this category. Food elements like veggies, fruits, and dairy products can easily be adopted into grocery tote bags, and health & nutrition quotes are also more than welcome in this kind of design.

Nature tote bag designs

Nature and outdoor lovers can also be tote bag users due to being an environmentally-friendly element in the long run, so think about elements for nature designs or referring to outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, or going picnic, just to name a few.

Nature Tote bag design

Beach tote bag designs

Tote bags are a perfect item to take to the beach, making beach designs a no-brainer when it comes to tote bag design ideas. Quotes about the beach or about summer work great, and elements like fruits, umbrellas, waves, and the sun have many style options to choose from.

Animals tote bag designs

Everyone loves animals, and animals designs are present in nearly every type of print-on-demand product, including tote bags. Animal tote bag designs outside cats and dogs include animals like bears, deers, and birds, usually in hand-drawn fashion, with a hipster-like style.

Animal tote bag design

Flowers tote bag designs

As with animal designs, floral designs are also a great design idea that’s sought-after by many sellers. Indie-style artwork is great for flowers, and some of the best floral designs come from professional illustrators. Other styles like watercolor also work like a charm for this kind of design idea.

Using ready-made graphics to create tote bag designs

When creating tote bag designs, you don’t always have the right design skills to make it happen, which is why Vexels features a large library or professionally-designed transparent PNGs that can be used to compose great tote bag designs with ease.

Including ornaments, animals, quotes, shapes, and everything in between, dare to turn your design ideas into reality with ready-made PNGs in a flash.

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