You don’t like writing? You’re probably thinking: “I just want to develop marketing campaigns. I don’t need to be a brilliant writer for that. I’ll hire my own writers!”

Of course you can hire a service like AssignmentGeek and a great author will follow your instructions.

But what about outreach emails? Will you hire a writer for each one of them?

You’ll save a lot of money and time if you learn how to write these messages yourself.

When Do You Need to Write Outreach Email Messages?

  • If you want to write a guest post for a popular blog, you’ll need to reach out to the webmaster.
  • When you spot a great freelancer who can become part of your team, you’ll reach out to them via LinkedIn or email.
  • You want to collaborate with influencers for your campaign? You’re already guessing how you’ll reach them.

Whenever you want to establish a new connection, you’ll do it through an outreach message.

If you want to avoid using a template, you can hire writers from or to see how this content works. Once you get few successful samples, you can use them further on.

But we’re also here to help. We’ll give you 11 flexible templates, which you can use for any situation that requires reaching out.

Email Templates

11 Email Outreach Templates for Any Situation

1. Template for Guest Posts

Dear __________,

I’m a loyal follower of your blog.

I run a blog related to the niche. It’s about _______________.  

I would love to write a guest post for you. I noticed you haven’t covered these topics yet:

  • *Example topic*
  • *Example topic*
  • *Example topic*

Do you like my ideas?



2. Template 2 for Blog Post

Hi __________,

I recently discovered your blog and I love it.

My name is _________. I run a blog about ___________.

I would love to collaborate with you. I will contribute with great content to your blog and you’ll let me feature my link in the Bio. Does that work for you?

Here are few of my recent publications, so you can check out my style:

  • *link 1*
  • *link 3*

I have few ideas for topics that would look well on your blog:

  • *Topic 1*
  • Topic 3*

Let me know what you think.

Have a lovely day,


3. Template for Influencer Outreach

Hi __________,

I love your Instagram feed. I run a company for ____________. You can check out our website: *link to website*.

I’d love to collaborate with you. I can offer _______ per post, and I’ll need ________ posts from you per month. Are you interested? All terms will be arranged in a clear contact.

Please, contact me with any questions.



4. Template 2 for Influencer Outreach

Hello _______,

I recently found your Instagram profile and I’m obsessed.

I’m part of the team at __________ – a brand for ___________. We’d love to work with you. We can offer a package of products that you’ll love. We will add extra payment, which is subject to agreement. In return, we’ll need your honest opinion about our products.

You can find out more about the brand at _________.

I’d love to hear from you soon.



5. Follow-Up Template for Influencer Outreach

Hello ____________!

______ here. I messaged you last week about potential collaboration with the brand ________. I think you’ll love working with us, since our brand’s values align with yours.

If you want to discuss the terms, we’re flexible for your requirements.

Best regards,


6. Template for Reaching Out to Talent

Hello _______,

I am __________, part of the HR team at _________. I’ve seen your work and I believe it’s exactly what we need in our company. Please, take the time to explore our website: *link to website*.

Are you open for collaboration? We will offer a great working environment and a higher salary than all our competitors.  



6. Template for Collaborating with Other Businesses

Dear ________,

I am _________, a big fan of your brand. I run __________, a company dealing with ____________. I would like to offer collaboration.

This is how your brand will benefit from us:

  • *Reason 1*
  • *Reason 2*
  • *Reason 3*

You can find more information about the brand at the website: ______________.

We have special discounts for long-term clients.

Best regards,


7. Template for Fixing Broken Links

Hi ________

I am _________ from ________.

I’m glad to see you featured a link to our site in the post _____________. However, it’s a broken link. Here is the correct link: ________________.

Will you care to fix it?

Thanks in advance,


8. Template for Accepting Guest Posts

Dear ________.

I’m glad you reached out. I’d love to feature your content at our website.

Please, read the guest posting guidelines here: ________.

I like one of the topics you suggested: ____________.



9. Template for Turning Down Guest Post Offers

Hi _________,

I was happy to receive your offer for guest posting. At the moment, we’re not accepting more content. I will contact you as soon as we’re open for more posts.

Take care,


10. Template for Making an Offer to a Prospect

Hello ________,

I’m _______ from ________. I’m glad you subscribed to my email list.

I checked your LinkedIn profile and noticed you work with __________. I have a special online program for you. In ______ classes, it explains how you can land 100 clients in a month.

Here’s the link to the program: ____________

Here’s a discount code for 20% off: ___________

Have a lovely day,


Now You Can Write!

Outreach emails are easy. You just need few templates and you can use them all the time. Get creative with them; you can add your unique touch.

You can always count on the writers from BestTermPaper if you get stuck. But why not try the templates first?

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