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Freelancers | Small Business

$ -

1 Design Request/mo 
• Access over 70.000 designs
• Thousands of Graphic Resources
• Ready to Use Editable Templates
• Show your designs with PSD Mockups
• Professional Use Licenses
• Online PNG Editor
• 200 Downloads/mo
• Standard Support

POD & Merch Sellers | Retail Stores

$ -

2 Design Request/mo 
• Commercial & Merch Licenses
• Graphics can be used as main image
• Online Mockup Maker
• Online T-Shirt Maker
• 200 Downloads/mo
• Up to 1000 prints/design
• Exclusive PSD clothing mockups 
• Access to the Vexels Merch Digest 
• PNG Files ready for Merch print
• Licenses valid for POD, including:

Large-scale businesses

$ -

7 Design Requests/mo
• Priority on Requests
• Commercial & Merch Licenses
• Graphics can be used as main image
• 2000 Downloads/mo
• Online Mockup Maker
• Online T-Shirt Maker
• Up to 5000 prints/design
• Exclusive PSD clothing mockups 
• Access to the Vexels Merch Digest 
• Priority Support
• Licenses valid for POD, including:

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Pros Get

+3700 Licensed Graphic Resources

Badges & Ribbons

Merch & Business Get

+3700 Licensed Graphic Resources + Merch Resources

Badges & Ribbons
Shapes & Badges
Lettering Layouts
Main Objects

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If you're not satisfied within the first 15 days of the subscription,
plus you've downloaded less than 30 graphics, we’ll refund you.

Vexels has one of the most comprehensive libraries of ready to use vector images in the market. The art is on trend and matches consumer needs perfectly. It is truly the best illustration resource for any creative agency.

Vexels is really useful for my business. Using their designs on my company work made my available to save both money and time. They have everything I need and pay attention to my graphic needs.

I just want to thank you for how awesome you guys are. I didn’t expect such a great customer service. For this, I’ll always be a loyal customer. I'd really recommend Vexels services for any graphic design purpose.

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You have questions, we have answers.

  • Why should I become a PRO Subscriber?

    Because it allows you to use licensed graphics on your Design work, legitimately. Pro Subscribers can download Licensed Premium graphics with Commercial rights at no extra cost. This means you can use the graphics commercially without infringing copyrights and without giving attribution*. This does not allow you to use files for Merch purposes.

    *Some designs contain logos and elements from well-known brands. Those are intended to be used only for editorial/personal/educational purposes, unless you have proper authorization from the brand in question.

  • Why should I become a Merch Subscriber?

    Merch subscription lets you use our designs to sell merchandise whether it’s on online POD services like Amazon Merch, RedBubble, Teespring, SunFrog, Zazzle, etc. or on physical brick-and-mortar retail stores. It's also good for KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Also, Merch subscribers have improved printing and selling rights, Priority support and access to Merch-Only products.

  • Are your files ready for Merch?

    Our Merch-only files are ready for print. Other files may have to be edited to be used.

  • Can I sell merchandise with a Pro Subscription?

    No, only Merch Subscribers and Individual Extended Licenses allow you to sell with merchandise with our design.

  • What’s the difference between the Single License and the Single Extended License?

    The Single License grants you rights to use the graphic Commercially like in your design work, but not on Merch items. The Single Extended License allows you to use the graphic for Merch uses like selling t-shirts.

  • What do you mean by 'Design Requests'?

    If you can't find a certain design or graphic, you can request a custom design according to your specific requirements and we will create it within a few days, as long as it fits our internal criteria. Design requests are not exclusive for users, as they are later added on to our library. You can access your Design Requests from your Profile page.

  • Can I print or use the designs on mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise items?

    Only if you have a Merch or Business Subscription or if you have purchased an Individual Extended License.

  • Is there a limit on the amount of prints per design?

    If you’re using the designs for promotional materials (brochures, flyers, posters, etc) you can print up to 10,000 items. For Merchandise items, Individual Extended Licenses allow you to sell up to 5,000 items per design, and with the Merch Subscription you can make 1,000 prints per design.

  • Can I cancel my subscription and order a refund of my purchase?

    You can always cancel your subscription. Within the first 15 days, if you’re not satisfied we’ll refund you. Please remember that every license you downloaded in this period won’t be valid if you decline your subscription. For the refund to be valid you need to have downloaded less than 30 graphics in those 15 days.

  • Can I keep using the resources after my subscription has expired?

    In the case of Merch designs, the Licenses expire when your subscription does and you must take down any products you have on sale which use our designs. In the case of Premium, non-Merch graphics, you may continue to use them for Commercial (but no-Merch) purposes. If you want to cancel but keep some licenses you can purchase individual Licenses since those don’t expire.

  • Why should I take down my products if I cancel my subscription?

    Our reasoning is that if you're making t-shirts or other items to sell with our designs on them, you're directly profiting from the designs and ultimately they would be 'paying themselves'. It only makes sense that you have to have an active subscription to make money with our graphics. If you're cancelling because you're not selling, then there's no reason to keep our designs up. Hope it makes sense.

  • I got the wrong plan, can I change it?

    Sure! While we currently don't have a way for users to change plans on their own, just ask our Support team via our Contact forms or email us at with your situation and we'll help you switch plans.

  • What can’t I do with Vexels designs?

    You can’t redistribute, sublicense, rent or resell our designs either printed or digitally. You can’t use our graphics to make offensive, pornographic, unlawful or defamatory designs.

    *If you are part of a school district and need access for all schools within your district we have special district memberships available.

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