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Merch Maker Start Your Own Clothing Brand Line

We Design, We Set Up the Store, We Manage Print & Ship.

Your job? Promote to your audience.

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Make Your Own Merch and Start Selling Now

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We Create Custom Clothing Designs

A designer specialized in your niche will be assigned to you for 1-1 talks. Custom clothing designs will be made for free to match every product you wish to sell.

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We Make your Own Merch Store

A marketing expert and designer will be in charge of building your store for free. We will make your products stand out with a store based on your aesthetics, tastes and brand.

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We Take care of Printing & Shipping

Shipping products on timely manner can be a difficult task. No worries! We'll take care of the printing, packaging and shipping. You guessed it, also for free.

You promote & Sell your Own Merch!

It's your time to shine. With your complete approval of your new store, designs & products: you can start selling! No one does this better than you. Promote under your times and rules.

Merch for Youtube

Merch for Twitch

Merch for Instagram

Merch for TikTok

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Turn your audience into costumers. With our creator program you will be able to make and sell merch on Youtube in an instant. Provide the best youtuber merch with designs tailored to sell and increase your audience engagement. Your Youtube Channel can become profitable too!

Take a look at some of the Content Creators we have already helped.

For these creators, Vexels took care of:

✓ 1 on 1 talks with creators team

✓ Unique designs based on trusted quotes & style

✓ Storefront creation and product placement

✓ Products samples to test quality before store launch

✓ Packacking, Printing and Shipping Management via Printful

✓ Tips & Insights during the whole process

✓ Marketing Strategies

rikat101 store products


For this gaming expert we took it to the next level and created a merch store with everyday equipment to enter the virtual world.

ana wilhelm store products

Ana Wilhelm

We know art its cappable of everything that's why we made a merch store with proof that memories are better kept on a painting.

What does Vexels offer in the program?

Vexels provides an integrated process to build the merch of your dreams. With a skilled team behind the program, based on your interests & marketing we create authentic designs for high quality products, build your store from the ground up and manage inventory + shipment details.

What Print-on-Demand company does Vexels work with?

Prints and Shipments will be handled by our partnership with Printful, the leader in the Print on Demand industry.

 Is experience required to join the program?

No experience is needed, as we cover each detail as in all in one solution.

How much does it cost to make merch?

It costs very little to make merch. The hardest part is to set up the brand, create the designs, build the store and administer printing and shipping. That's why Vexel's wants to help you getting all set and ready to sell. Our Creators Program take charge of every step, from free designs and free store creation, to delivering the product to your fans.

Your content is unique, Your merch should be too

Don't settle for automated, unprofessional or rushed designs. Designs are the key to a successful product.

If you are looking to stand out, Vexels has the experience, artists, statistics, niche trends data and know-how to make your product the best seller.

Start now with the Creators' end-to-end solution.