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Merch Maker Start Your Own Clothing Brand Line

We Design, We Set Up the Store, We Manage Print & Ship.

Your job? Promote to your audience.

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The only provider that takes care of EVERY step to make & sell merch

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We Design, You Sell

Design your own clothing line hand in hand with us. Tell us about your tastes & audience, and wait for the magic to happen: free tailored designs for every product you want to sell.

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You Promote, We Build

Our specialists will create for free a store according to your brand. When your fans start shopping, with Printful we'll take care of printing, packaging & shipping your products to your followers.

Make Your Own Merch and Start Selling Now

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We Create Custom Clothing Designs

A designer specialized in your niche will be assigned to you for 1-1 talks. Custom clothing designs will be made for free to match every product you wish to sell.

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We Make your Own Merch Store

A marketing expert and designer will be in charge of building your store for free. We will make your products stand out with a store based on your aesthetics, tastes and brand.

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We Take care of Printing & Shipping

Shipping products on timely manner can be a difficult task. No worries! We'll take care of the printing, packaging and shipping. You guessed it, also for free.

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You promote & Sell your Own Merch

It's your time to shine. With your complete approval of your new store, designs & products: you can start selling! No one does this better than you. Promote under your times and rules.

How to make merch and sell to your audience

Merch for Youtube

Merch for Twitch

Merch for Instagram

Merch for TikTok

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Turn your audience into costumers. With our creator program you will be able to make and sell merch on Youtube in an instant. Provide the best youtuber merch with designs tailored to sell and increase your audience engagement. Your Youtube Channel can become profitable too!

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No Matter the Number of Subscribers, You Can Sell Merch

We know that with the help of award winning artists, marketing experts and a dedicated support team, EVERYONE CAN SELL MERCH.

Apply to our Creators Program designed with costs in mind to allow creators retain maximum earning for themselves.


What is Print On Demand Merch?

More than 10 years as the trusted design partner for merch sellers has taught us how to sell.

Take a look at some of the Creators we have already helped.

As the only provider that takes care of EVERY step of the way.
rikat101 store products


For this gaming expert we took it to the next level and created a merch store with everyday equipment to enter the virtual world.

Vexels took care of:

✓ 1 on 1 talks with creators team

✓ Unique designs based on her trusted quotes & style

✓ Storefront creation and product placement

✓ Products samples to test quality before store launch

✓ Packacking, Printing and Shipping Management via Printful

✓ Marketing Strategies

ana wilhelm store products

Ana Wilhelm

We know art its cappable of everything that's why we made a merch store with proof that memories are better kept on a painting.

Vexels took care of:

✓ 1 on 1 talks with creators team

✓ Unique designs based on her needs & audience

✓ Storefront creation & product placement

✓ Packacking, Printing and Shipping Management via Printful

✓ Tips & Insights during the whole process

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How To Start your Own Clothing Line as a Content Creator

Wondering how to make merch for your platform's audience? Here's the know how from our team of in-house specialists.
  1. Identify your audiences needs

    Niches in different platforms crave for different content merch. Look into what you do best: content creation. Check out your most replayed moments, popular quotes & funny inside jokes that connects with your community.

  2. Create your merchandising

    Now that you know how to connect with your audience, it's time to translate that into a design. Find the perfect balance between keeping your style and capturing the attention of your fanbase.

  3. Keeps your brand always present

    Even though the logo is relevant, keeping the same colors, aesthetics, typography and language in all your designs is essential to turn it into a brand line.

  4. Select the right merch apparel for your niche

    Tees are the most popular merch product, but feel free to discover all types of products that relates to your audience needs. I'm sure an apron will make happy any cook lover.

  5. Set up a store and send your products to your audience

    No one ever turns to see a boring window display. Build a store that appeals to your audience & shows off your brand line. And when the sale is done make sure that the packaging, printing and shipping is correctly made.

  6. Promote and Sell

    This is the only step you have to take care of if you join the Vexels' Creators Program. Contact us and get access to all the benefits of creating your own clothing line.


Your content is unique, Your merch should be too

Don't settle for automated, unprofessional or rushed designs. Designs are the key to a successful product.

If you are looking to stand out, Vexels has the experience, artists, statistics, niche trends data and know-how to make your product the best seller.

Start now with the only provider that takes care of EVERY step of the process.

How to make your own custom merch?

There are many ways to create your own custom merch. You can make it on an online design maker, customize editable design templates or ask for a personalized artwork to a designer. In Vexels you have all this options available and if you join our Creators Program we will take charge of the design creation, plus building the store, printing & shipping that are also needed to make custom merch.

How to design and sell clothes with my logo?

In order to design and sell clothes with your logo you will need: a store with the products, the finished design with logo or other elements, printing, packaging & shipping services. We believe a selling design is more than just a logo, that's why in our Creators Program we make original designs related to your audience & needs. Plus managing the store creation, printing & shipping.

Can I make money selling merch as a content creator?

Earning money selling merch is one of the main revenue streams for creators. Ads and donations have a limit, but a constant source of income from a community of loyal fans has no limit. But, keep in mind that you need a personalized, original & striking design. Luckily, at Vexels, we've been supporting merch sellers for over a decade, the design and merch experts at your fingertips.

How to start a clothing brand for your fans?

You can start a clothing brand that appeals to fans by learning their interests, consider the most memorable moments, remember popular quotes or funny inside jokes. When the correct research is done you need to capture all this in a design that is both stylish & memorable. At last build a merch store, print and ship. With Vexels Creators Program all this steps are managed by our artists & marketing team.

How much does it cost to make merch?

It costs very little to make merch. The hardest part is to set up the brand, create the designs, print products, build the store and administer shipping. That's why Vexel's wants to help you getting all set and ready to sell. Join our Creators Program and learn how we take charge of every step, from the design to delivering the product to your fans.

Can I make merchandising for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch on Vexels?

You can make merchandising for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and more by joining our Creators Program for free, we will manage every need: design & store creation, printing & shipping. Make merch with the help of experts and monetize your social media following.

How to make merchandise for free?

Enable to make merch you will need to get a design provider, set up an online store, take charge of printing, packaging and shipping. Summing up all may take long hours of work & costs. That's why on Vexels Creator Program we take charge of everything so you can make merch for free without upfront costs. All you have to do is what you know best: promote & sell.

Which is the best platform for creating your own merchandise?

The best platform for creating your own merch is one that gives you all the tools to make a design: an online design maker, editable designs, t-shirt templates and custom designs. At Vexels you have all this options and if you join our Creators Program you don't have to worry about making the design, setting the store or managing printing & shipping because we will take care of everything.

What POD does Vexels work with?

Prints and Shipments will be handled by our partnership with Printful, the leader in the Print on Demand industry.