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The Best Merch Tools At Your Fingertips

T-Shirt Maker

T-Shirt Maker

Create high quality designs online with no need of extra software. Fast & Easy.

Mockup Generator

Make mockups online to promote your products and customize your store.

Logo Maker

Design a unique logo for your merch store or creator brand in just a few clicks.

Merch-Ready & Editable Designs

Merch-Ready Designs

Use print-ready, editable graphics & templates to make unlimited merch designs.

Graphics and Resources

Ask our designers to make your idea come true with our custom requests. Completely free of charge.

Learning Materials & Data Insights

Get complete merch business guides & expert advice, plus a monthly guide with insights, trends, & niche data.


Why should I become a Lifetime Subscriber?

Lifetime plans are a one-time payment option for sellers who are looking for a lifelong lasting high-level design service without having to commit to a recurring fee. Lifetime plans allow sellers to pay only once and get full access to all current and future Vexels products, tools, and services. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind deal.

How does licensing work with a Lifetime Plan?

Being a Lifetime member gives all of your downloads and graphics sourced from Vexels the quality of having Lifetime licenses. In other words, you can sell and make use of every graphic you download from Vexels for the rest of your life, without any additional fees.

What are VA Seats and how do they work?

The VA Seat is a feature that the Merch Ultimate and the Merch Lifetime Plus plans have, which gives you the possibility of giving two designers you work with their own accounts, with the same features as yours!

Are there any extra fees after I subscribe to a Lifetime plan?

All Vexels’ products, services, and tools are readily available in full after purchasing a Merch Lifetime Lite or Merch Lifetime Plus plan. Your subscription fee covers the base service, and you can use it without any limitations or hidden charges. However, we do offer add-ons that provide extra features for your convenience. These add-ons are entirely optional and are available to enhance your experience with us. For example, for sellers who are looking for custom-made exclusive graphics, Vexels offers Exclusive Design Requests which have a design-process fee due to being uniquely designed for a single seller.

What do you mean by “Design Requests”?

Design Requests are one of Vexels’ benefits, which enable members to make a design request for an idea or concept that it’s not available in the library and abides by Vexels’ creative criteria. Design Requests are exclusive to the requester for a certain period of time, after which the design is added to Vexels’ portfolio. Merch Lifetime Lite subscriptions come with one Design Request per month for two years, while Merch Lifetime Plus allows for four Design Requests per month for two years. After the 2 years, users can purchase more requests as an add-on for a fee, if needed. Exclusive Design Requests are an additional feature that allows members to request an exclusive, uniquely designed piece, at the cost of a fee added to the membership’s cost.

Is there a limit on the amount of prints per design?

No, there are no printing limits for any of Vexels’ Merch plans. You can print as many designs as you want.

Do I have to pay monthly for a Lifetime plan?

No! Lifetime Plans are one-time-payments, pay once and download at will!

What are the differences between each Lifetime plan?

The main difference between the Lifetime plans, apart from the price, is the number of downloads and design requests you get per month! With the Merch Lifetime Plus you get 2000 downloads and 4 design requests per month, while with the Merch Lifetime Lite you get 200 downloads and 1 design request per month.Other differences include the Merch Lifetime Plus having 2 VA seats available (the Merch Lifetime Lite doesn't have any), and the Merch Lifetime Lite having only a week of exclusivity of the design requests, while the Merch Lifetime Plus has a month.